World Fishing – Travel various countries and catch and grow diverse fish

[Game] World Fishing

World FishingFeel the excitement at your fingertips!
Infinite growth fishing idle game!


Travel various countries and catch and grow diverse fish.
Feel the excitement of catching the fish, and enjoyment of growing them!
Infinite growth through Auto Fishing mode, equipment farming, and equipment merge!
Fight and skill system to hook and catch realistic special type fish!
Collect hundreds of different types of fish and complete the Fish Collection!
Compete against other players from all over the world in the Great Sea!

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World Fishing user reviews :

Basically plays like an idle game, but you get to manually fish with a minigame. Very addicting and fun. Only issue I have is the game crashes sometimes (I’d say about once ever 2 hours or so) including when it’s in auto or power saver mode which defeats the purpose of those modes. But it is new so im sure the dens will fix the issue. Loving this game. Played for 3 hours straight my first session and couldn’t wait to play when I woke up the next day.

  • Dear User. This is Mobirix. We’re grateful for your fantastic review! Knowing our game makes a difference is the best reward. Thank you for your trust and support! We will work harder to improve your experience. If your issues occur again, please report it to us via the [Inquire] in-game section. Thank you.

The game isn’t bad, different from other fishing games. I don’t really care for it because you have to constantly tap and keep it in a specific area so you don’t loose it, and do this numerous times to be able to reel in then repeat. So it’s a bit boring, not what I’m used to but it’s an OK game. The graphics are pretty good as well, never ran into any ads.

  • Hi. This is World Fishing I’m so happy that you seem to be enjoying the game that I worked hard on! We look forward to seeing more of you in the future. Thank you.

Great Game, I love fishing but I hope the bug fixes soon. The game always shutdown every 5 minutes saying “Failed to reconnect to server”.

  • Dear User. This is Mobirix. We’re sorry to hear about the inconvenience when the game connection. It may be difficult to play the game depending on the device’s performance or network environment. The game requires a minimum of 2GB RAM and AOS 7 or higher. In addition, please report any issue to us via the in-game Customer Help Center. Thank you.

Loving it so far! They hooked me up with 100 draws for each part! So makes it easy to catch fish. Gotta try this game out! See if you can beat my score

  • Hello. This is Mobirix. Thank you for having fun playing! We ask for your support so that we can continue to make great games!

Love the game but causes my phone to really heat up and my phone is a pixel 7A. Got to the stage I had to turn my phone off just to cool it down is there any reasons why this is happening?

  • Dear User. This is Mobirix. We understand your frustration about your device’s temperature heating up while playing games. We will try our best to improve and optimize the game in the future. If you have any additional suggestions or concerns, please contact us via the in-game menu [≡] → [Setting] → [Inquire] section. Thank you.

this game it over heats my phone in seconds and second it said failed to connect but my wifi is good not poor and it’s super laggy this should be an offline game not a online game so all you get is one star

  • Dear User. This is Mobirix. We apologize for your experiences with game connection, lags, and high temperature. It may be difficult to play the game depending on the device’s performance or network environment. For the best support, please contact our Customer Help Center directly via the in-game menu [≡] → [Setting] → [Inquire]. Thank you.

Great game but it constantly crashes!! Once that is fixed it will be a 5 star game for sure.

  • Dear User. This is Mobirix. We understand your frustration when the game crashes. It may be difficult to play the game depending on the device’s performance or network environment. If you are still facing the issue, please share your feedback with our Customer Help Center via the email address ( for the best support. Thank you.

after the update all my data is gone and it restarted to level 1 edit… nevermind it’s back again

  • Hello! This is Mobirix. First of all, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We tried to help quickly with the symptoms you are experiencing, but it is difficult to provide prompt help because it is difficult to confirm the symptoms based on the review content alone.

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