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[Game] Home Design – Dream Planner

Dream PlannerHelp the luckiest clients to create wonderful interiors in this Home Design game!

You can customize and renovate the living rooms overlooking the beach, cozy bedrooms, luxurious swimming pools, cars and more. Design your old home as a space for pleasant relaxation and healing by showing your creativity through hundreds of different interior options.

Help the lucky winners ranging from newlyweds to elderly couples to build unique and fabulous mansions. Dig into their fun stories and interact with a cast of colorful characters.

Home Design : Dream Planner is simple and can be enjoyed by everyone. Experience endless fun by playing over 1000 different levels. Challenging tasks and daily missions are waiting for you.

Help us choose a cool design and transform old spaces into fantastic
beautiful houses in this new tile matching game that is different
from the existing match 3 puzzle games!

Regular updates offer new Episodes/levels, free gifts, and blast boosters!

Dream Planner user reviews :

The game is fun and interesting, especially because you don’t really see renovation games take this approach to the game mechanic, so I really appreciate that. However, I find it quite frustrating how much renovations cost as you lvl up. Especially because you earn the same amount of money per lvl. So clearing a full renovation takes frustratingly long.

the puzzles are enjoyable and choices of furniture/decor are nice, as well as the scenes and graphics. Easy to progress & relaxing. I’d rate this 5 stars if it didn’t CONSTANTLY get stuck on a loading screen after being forced to watch an ad. Have to shut down the entire game and reopen to fix it and it’s NOT an Internet issue, it only happens with this app. Please fix it as it makes the entire game unplayable and I enjoy it.

It starts out as a really good design game. But the leveling is ridiculous. I’m over level 400 in the game but still getting the same amount of coins as level 1. Which means i now have to play at least 5 games to buy one item of design. It also can be hard to change a design after you’ve picked it. I’ll try to change say a lamp and instead can only seem to click on the wall or whatevers nearest to it.

I think this game is the best design / puzzle game that ive played. It doesnt have the horrible match 3 games that always become too hard to continue on without taking forever to complete a room… The tile games are different and fun. And the design choices are beautiful and realistic. Only wish there was an intresting storyline but thats a small request. I think ive finally found a design game i can complete! Awesome job developers!!!!

The game is good and I enjoy it, but since I got to level 1000 whenever I complete a level I just have a loading screen come up and nothing else. I am then forced to close and restart the app but I lose a life every time. This is becoming more frequent and I barely pass any levels before I have to wait to play again as I have lost lives from levels I have completed.

Brilliant game, but the ads are so annoying. They can be repetitive, very long, sometimes with 3 together between levels. I know you need the ads for revenue, but when they freeze your game, they destroy the enjoyment. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve had to restart the levels because its frozen.

The “mini games” are mahjong rather than match 3 which is an A+ in my opinion. The graphics are good everything is good so far. But there was a glitch whenever I try to play another mini game in a row it just doesn’t give me any tiles, and I have to go to home page then play again, which is not that much of a problem just wanted to point it out.

I like this game very much. Will say more when I’ve had it for a while. I’m not very happy. I’m in a higher level and after I finish the level,the ad plays and it freezes. I have to force close the game. I’ve reinstalled this game and it doesn’t freeze up anymore. I wish it would give a little more money with the higher levels. It takes me 3 to 4 days to do a room now.

I enjoy playing this game very much. The only time an advertisement shows, is when you want to have a second try with the matching of the tiles to earn coins to decorate a room. I will highly recommend to someone who has an eye for design as the finished rooms look really nice.

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