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[Game] Bubble Cat

Bubble CatExciting puzzle game with lovely true cat!

Very interesting and addictive shooting puzzle game. Aim and shoot the same color bubbles! Block of 2 or more same color bubbles will burst!

Use your brain, be perfect!

How to play
Touch screen and drag your finger to set aim, release the finger to shot.
The “bullet bubble” will fly upward to hit bubbles.
If bullet hits 2 or more same color bubbles, those will burst and fall down, otherwise it will attach to the block!
If any bubble lost support and become detached from ceiling, it falls down!
Use your brain, make larger bubble blocks and shot to destroy all together!
Destroy all the bubbles using fixed number of bullet.
The bullet bubble will bounce back on the side bar!

Game Mode
Every stage has fixed number of “Mage manual” bubbles placed. You need to drop down all the mage manual bubbles to clear the stage!
There are many challenging stages! The next stage is difficult than the previous one!

How far can you proceed from your latest cleared stage of stage mode? Increase your score by bursting more and more bubbles.
The score in endless mode is preserved. Take the challenge and put your name in the world ranking!

Special bubbles
Look for special bubbles for interesting features!

World Ranking
The ranking is maintained using score achieved in the endless mode

Have fun!!

Bubble Cat user reviews :

It’s a really cute game. However, some of it hasn’t been translated and/or translated properly and I find it a little confusing at times as I can’t understand what it’s saying. Aside from that it’s a cute game.

Can’t even play, demands invasive permissions that are not remotely required for an app like this, so it’s probably selling personal information and recording users. Highly suggest against installing.

It’s fun to play but lost progress when switch to new device lol

I’m at it again on a new device. Still great! My favorite bubble game. Have loaded it on every machine I’ve owned and played it multiple times. Clean graphics. Fairly good tracking. Unusual goals so pay attention.

The game is fun. However, seems like a money grabber and it’s frustrating, to wait for 24 hours when x amount of levels have been completed.

Well time pass game when you free.

Initially liked the game. Got to level 200 whilst signed in on Play Games. Switched devices, only to find back at level 1, even though signed back into Play Games. Waste of time and effort.

I lost my phone is it possible to play here on my laptop please

Not sure if many people have gotten as far but I’m at 135 and some of the bubble mechanics are very glitchy or weird. And I wish either there were more levels between locked levels or the wait wasn’t as long for locks.

Love the game but it keeps stopping ….and I haven’t started playing it.

Exactly what its expected to be. Also cute, fun, and entertaining

Fun game. Aiming is great, the balls go right where you aim them.

Ok. A little awkward, but cute kitty. Opens itself constantly. Had to uninstall.

Needs to be in English throughout the game. Don’t understand Japanese, so I fear I’m missing out on potentially important information. All in English and all in Japanese when you click the language preference.

Just the game to have. Surely addictive

Really like this game! No adds and very entertaining!

Can’t seem to put it down unless I run out off lives. Good game

It’s cute and the design is simple, but after beating a level I have to close the app and then come back to progress in the game.

I really love this game’ please bring some more like it’ can’t stop playing it’

I love this game its one of the most funnest games ever

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