DREAM SQUAD – Manage the legendary team

[Game] DREAM SQUAD – Soccer Manager

DREAM SQUADFull 3D Football Management!
Please manage the legendary team as a football coach!
Enjoy free online “football game”!

Come to catch the devil! Top of the football management!
Wait for a new football coach in “DREAMSQUAD”!
This soccer game is enjoy easy and convenient to all!

DREAM SQUAD – Features
You will be able to watch all the games in Full 3D live.
Real-time tactical changes and so has the capability to perform a role as a football coach.
Based on the actual data of Top-class soccer players adds realism.
League, ranking, friendly, tournaments, etc. You can enjoy a variety of football game.
You can create a completely different player to the training methods.
You can beat a strong opponent by detailed strategies / tactics.
Clubs can continue to grow with stadium / supporters / uniform upgrades.
You can play a friendly match together with friends.
Talk to other soccer coaches in real time chat.


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DREAM SQUAD user reviews :

Quite a good game, with all aspects of football management simulated. Only that the screen seems too congested and game speed is very high and can’t be adjusted.

The game needs to update to the current laws of soccer, like starting play from within the box, Mybe put put the start from box as one of the offensive or defensive traits.Good experience for now.

It is a okayish game, it is very challenging for a football game that is not made by ea but the only reason i give this game 3stars instead of 4.5 stars is because of the graphics, apart from that is is a good game

What an optimistic game. I have play this game a while and is very nice game but one problem is the screen so the developer should fix it and at all is and undoubtedly game!!!

The game is good. But it looks too contested for a mobile device’s screen. A bit overcrowded. But very enjoyable!

Hi guys, great game! I’ve been playing for while:) Errrrmh…. my suggestion to the team; please make an auto function to collect evaluation rewards, it would be great. Thanks.

Just Joined Today… hopefully will some back Old Legends… Game Features looks bit complicated… Graphics Need to Improved. Game Idea seems pretty Good.

Nice game but i dont like 2 things 1. The graphics and 2 is i cant find in players card like cr7, neymar but i got iniesta but dont tell me that removed because i take messi and cavani, and thats a nice game dont think thats a game its a good manager game with low graphics u need to test this game

Seriosly you need to fix gameplay its way too fast average graphics also fix the messed up UI its chaos but the game is enjoyable

Good game but try reducing the speed and the number of all players are the same i dont like. However, its a very good game and i’m addicted to it so i rate it 4 star good game.

Good but need much improvenents Graphics must be improved. & Database is too much old.

The game is nice but i need the champions league and Epl in it. It could be more interesting through that.

Nice game but please improve the graphics and bring some more controls and realistic transfers

I love this game so much,i got so many legendary players and my team is unstoppable,i enjoy it very much,i would like it to be offline

It’s not bad but please i think u should put some noise and the speed on the pitch is high

the game is good but we can increase the frequency of play to at least twice or thrice a day

I give it two star because you guys need to do some updat to the graphics on the pitch you can’t even watch the match

Awesome game but it needs more customisation and graphics improvement!!!

Ya it is nice sha but graphics just needs to improve just a little but the game is nice really

How to start the game, the game is telling me to select a name for my club, after selecting it is not responding

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