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[Game] Dream Wedding Planner – Dress & Dance Like a Bride

Dream Wedding Planner  For you, every season is wedding season – because you’re a wedding planner!

Help couples in love plan the perfect weddings! Every detail must be just right. You’ve got a lot on your plate – weddings to plan, and couples to keep happy! Think you can do it?

Your to-do list is full of so many wedding planning tasks. Let’s get to work! Climb the world wedding planning charts and become famous by becoming the most magnificent wedding planner anyone could ever dream of. Dress up brides and grooms in the bridal salon, do their makeup with the help of the salon beautician, decorate a yummy cake, choreograph dances, and more!


As a wedding planner, your job is to complete missions and rise to fame!
Go to several bakeries before you pick out the most delicious cake. Decorate it and add a cute bride & groom topper.
Pick an awesome DJ and a fabulous wedding hall for the couple.
Take the couple to the spa so they feel refreshed for their big day.
Dress up the whole wedding party – dress up the brides, dress up the grooms, groomsmen and bridesmaids. Everyone needs your styling expertise! Choose a dazzling tiara for the brides and a sharp tux for the grooms. Once you’re done with bride and groom dress up, it’s off to the salon!
Salon time! Make the wedding party shine, with spectacular makeup! Help the salon beautician put stunning makeup on the brides and style the grooms’ beards. Show off your amazing makeup skills!
Now that the makeup is done, make sure the first dance is spectacular – choreograph it and watch the couple twirl away. Choose the dance type: ballroom, jazz or hip hop.
The bride’s about to throw the bouquet! Make sure you catch it before her bridesmaids do!
Wedding cake feeding can be fun… and messy! Get ready to get cake in your face, in a crazy cake battle.
You did it! Now send thank you notes to all the guests.
Keep an album of all the wonderful weddings you planned.
Can you get a perfect wedding score?! Let’s see!

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Dream Wedding Planner user reviews :

It is good. But there are too many adds to unlock everything. And the cake studio and the spa studio is locked. The most important studios are locked. No way I am spending real money on all of these games. Please fix it and also add some new features like chatting before the wedding.

My daughter started playing Dream Wedding Planner and I would play with her every now and then. I enjoyed it so much and wanted to play more often then she would allow, lol, that I downloaded it for myself! Now, I get to at it as often as I would like. I’m not sure how the points are decided but it’s fun regardless & I love that I don’t have to play other games in the middle of the planning to earn enough tokens to be able to design the next aspects unlike many other similar games!

This game crashes and restarts with each category selected. **Fixed** after the old uninstall/reinstall it works fine. Daughter is so happy with this game but with disappointments with not being able to use all dresses nor able to make a cake and lack of spa use. I suggest maybe a sort of daily reward system?
  • Coco Play By TabTale
  • Hi there, Sorry about that! Let’s get this sorted. Please contact us at support[at]crazylabs.com and let us know what device and Android version you have (you can find this in device settings). Thanks, Dream Wedding Planner Team

The game is awesome I love it and I think everyone should but please remove some more dresses from being locked also suits and hair but the game is nice and you could add something like for them to put rings on each other and for a pastor to join them that’s all and pls release the bakery I love the game you should download  it

This game is great but you have the watch an ad in order to unlock the shirt underneath for the groom, makeup, etc.. And then after you are done with that wedding to have to watch the ad again to unlock them again. So it’s a pretty good game.

I love this game soooo… Much I spend my time playing this game but unlock other itmes that it can be more enjoyable and beautiful frocks shoes other things are locked amd there is so many ads plz less the ads but then also it is so nice game but i have a doubt have can I change the girl plz tell me

This game is so good but if it is possible so add some more makeup items and dresses and one more this in this game there are so so so many ads but when we turn off our data mode so ads are stop coming….but you game is best

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