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[App] Dreamfora – Easy Goal Setting

DreamforaTurn your dreams into plans and make them fit your wants.

Improve your everyday routines, reach big goals, and do better!

Reaching your goals is easy with Dreamfora.
No distractions, just a pure experience.


1.Clear Long-Term Goals!
Make goals easily! Dreamfora helps you figure out what you want quickly.
Really think about what you want. Choose something you’re excited about and start with our ready ideas.
Get step-by-step plans, tips, expert advice, and special help.

2. Start a Smarter, Fun Journey
Get reminders to stay on track!
Watch your progress every day, week, and year in an easy way.
Improve yourself with Dreamfora’s simple and friendly design.

3. Join 1,500,000+ Happy Dreamfora Users
Get inspired by others with similar goals.
Write down your plans, achievements, thoughts, and connect with others.

4. Get Daily Motivation
Read over 1000 quotes picked just for you.
Focus on your daily routine and what you need to do today.

Move from dreams to real achievements! Begin your journey with Dreamfora.

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Homepage Link: www.dreamfora.com

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Dreamfora user reviews :

Sometimes when I complete this late at night, the progress doesn’t change or doesn’t sync with the cloud in time, because next morning the previous day has no habbits checked. I have updated the app, hope it is fixed. Other than that, great app. (Edit: Thanks for the input, that offline mode sounds fantastic, keep it up!)

  • Hi Alexandru, thanks for letting us know the issue. It seems a data sync failure. Dreamfora app syncs data with the cloud every 20 seconds. If you leave the app before it syncs, any changes you made may not be applied. A good news is we are developing the ‘offline mode’ which makes data saved in your device. We will speed up the development process

Dreamfora has that unique experience which always makes me come back to it :) It has a neat and easy interface and overall, very easy to use. The only thing that I would suggest is the ‘widget option’. I realise that it has been recently added, but it’s a little cluttered. I would like if there were separte sections for each separate dream (and tasks) which would make the UI a lot more appealing, plus, it would be easy to navigate each dream separately; directly from the widget on screen.

  • Hi Anasua, thank you so much for the generous review! It’s always great to hear your suggestions and we’ll keep them in consideration for the future. If there is anything else we can do for you, just drop us a note at: listen[at]dreamfora.com With love, – Team Dreamfora

Love the app! It’s very clean and cute interface, quick tips and it saves your habits/dreams (I think) which I really appreciate to look back on my progress. I’m wondering if you can add a Full Paid option? Like a One Time payment? There’s very little chance I’ll pay $2.50 per month for a year (then $4.99 after), but “one payment for lifetime premium subscription” option would be awesome! Anyway thanks for the app!

  • Hi isha, thank you so much for your feedback and support! We’ll keep your suggestions in mind for any future updates. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any new suggestions to support[at]dreamfora.com. With love, – Team dreamfora

this app is amazing !! exactly what I was looking for :) It is not only helpful in organizing but it also motivates me … I’m able to understand the seriousness of my dreams and now I don’t take anything lightly … bcs literally it shows how many days are left to complete the task/plan and I’m nervous coz who want to waste their time right?; … inshort it’s useful for those who have set goals and routines , who want to make habits and be productive!!

  • Hi Shraddha, thank you for the kind review and your thoughtful insights! We hope you stick around for better updates and more exciting features coming your way. If you find anything to improve or need any support in the future, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email at: support[at]dreamfora.com. With love, – Team dreamfora

I really liked this app but unfortunately I can’t get it to function as it should anymore. It randomly stopped sending reminders/ push notifications. Everytime I check app notification settings, it has been blocked by my phone. No amount of turning it back on, restarting my phone or reinstalling the app has fixed the issue. My Samsung also only recognizes it as a system app rather than an installed app. I’ve given up trying to fix it

  • Hi Lila, we sincerely apologize for the issue you’ve been experiencing. We have notified our developers and we will look into this issue as soon as we can! If you have any other details, it would really help if you could send it to listen[at]dreamfora.com. Thank you for your patience. With love, – Team dreamfora

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