Drift Legends 2 – Strive to break records

[Game] Drift Legends 2

Drift Legends 2

Experience the ultimate drift and driving sensation in Drift Legends 2, the incredibly realistic 3D race car game.

Compete with other racers while playing drifting games online or play your car driving games offline. Make your best car drift in this extremely engaging racing simulator!

Take control of highly-detailed legendary drift cars and conquer various tracks as you strive to break records, both yours and of other racers that play this drifting car game. Engage in both offline and online drift racing events, progressing from a novice to a professional drift driver. Test your skills in a ghost multiplayer game mode, if you think you are tough enough. Challenge other drift lovers and ascend to the pinnacle of the cross-platform online leaderboard.

Modes available in this great race car game

At Drift Legends 2, you will find three modes to play your most exciting car driving games:

Solo – with 9 racing tracks and 3 leagues (Beginner, Amateur, and Profi)
Multiplayer – daily racing events and racing tournaments, where you can play drifting games online with other racers and become the number one
Practice – a special mode where you can explore your car behavior, hone your racing skills, and learn how to make your best car games drift

Race, drift, and earn in-game currency, with which you can open new modes, and tune your drifting games car!

Features that make your drift car games even more exiting

Enjoy realistic physics, simulating every aspect of car behavior
Drive more than 30 powerful and exciting, highly detailed drifting cars
Drift on detailed tracks with different layouts, which require different car drift techniques
Career mode allows you to get more experience, complete achievements and unlock powerful secret cars
Every car behaves differently. Feel the power and weight, find your balance
Play your best car customizing games and customize your cars with exclusive paintjobs, rims, tires and plates
Real engine sounds for every car
Turbocharger, gearbox, and tires sounds
Realistic 3D graphics

Install Drift Legends 2 right now and enjoy the incredible mix of car customizing games and car driving games. If you’re a car drift enthusiast, this drifting car game is definitely for you!

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Drift Legends 2 user reviews :

Very fun game, It took me a while to get a grasp of how to control with prior experience in drifting games. The Beginner League took me about 5 days to finish due to it being challenging to get the controlling correct. Amateur league took me about 2 weeks since it was substantially harder than Beginner. But once I mastered the correct steering, speed, and braking, the game was super fun. I got through the professional league in just 3 days cuz it was just that fun.

Great game! Perfect balance of challenging and fun. Graphics and simulation are awesome. Only thing that be better is showing what rewards were obtained, going in and out of each menu with each car to find rewards is annoying. And would be nice to see more car customization. Wings, aero, ride height ext. Thank you for the great game!

The first one is better in my opinion. Sure in this one there are more cars and maps but the controls are limited to arrows instead of tilt or steering wheel making it impossible to control the angle of the tires. So if you’re a fan of arrows I recommend it, but tilt and wheel users beware.Update:changing to 4 stars because the game does look amazing and also I do like the new vehicle lineup. Great job blackfoxentertainment!

  • Thank you for suggestions. Drift Legends 1 really has such controls but for several reasons we decided not to use them in DL 2. Sorry that without them you can give us just 1 star for all our work. We ‘ll discuss the ability to add more controls in the next game updates.

It’s both good and bad start with the good graphics are good, the night time levels look great, car selection is different than normal which is good. OK now cons; the stated issue everyone is having its laggy, no real customization availability, no goal orientation other than buying a different car because you can’t customize the one you have enough, very little options on what you can do and last but not least a mini map every racing game o have ever played has a mini map

Good game but little customization options and also the new multiplayer isn’t working I don’t know if it’s just because it’s new or if it’s my phone. But other than thati really like the game the graphics are great the physics of car are good like when you hold the ebrake and the car go’s backwards is awesome and the night tracks are just amazing and the way the cars handle is just amazing and the exhaust sound on one of the cars is the best thing ever

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