Hard Racing – Challenge yourself in car drift racing

[Game] Hard Racing – Real Drag Racing

Hard Racing

New drag car racing games from the creators of Drift Legends and JDM Racing.

In this drag racing simulator, you can play racing games offline and online. And even play with your friend in drift online multiplayer mode! GOAT cars, exciting car tuning games, and true street racing vibes! If you want to challenge yourself in car drift racing, welcome to our hardcore car driving simulator!

Hard Racing is a 3D drift online multiplayer and single game. Created in the best traditions of old-school car tuning games and motorsport simulators. Features maximum realism of physics and car tuning.

Customize legendary cars and thrilling tracks. Drive your customized car in short runs with cool rivals. Play online racing games with your friends or play offline singles. Be an ace!


realistic control physics unique for each car

spectacular physics of epic car crashes and damages

numerous challenges in the Single Campaign and Events

real-time car drift racing with a matchmaking multiplayer system for up to 6 players

asynchronous worldwide multiplayer with leaderboard and prizes

amazing highly-detailed cars, tracks, and visual effects

exciting car tuning: customize color, livery, decals, rims, tires, and bodykits

upgrades: nitro, turbo, intercooler, intake, exhaust and others

trophy license plates to collect from defeated opponents

highly engaging drag racing simulator with original atmospheric soundtracks and true engine sounds

addictive and simple gameplay in breathtaking timekiller

Exciting modes for your best drag car racing games

Daily Events

Complete Daily Events and get a legendary racing car as your prize. Gather a complete collection of cool GOAT vehicles, which you can only customize in exterior but fully upgrade. The extensive tuning options of your car allow you to outperform your rivals. Use Nitro for acceleration and handbrake for drifting.

Single Career

Play in timeattack, drag, survival, checkpoints, sprint, and classic street racing modes. When you win, you get prizes and various customization items for your car. In each chapter of the Career, the main prize is the unique bodykit for your car. In this mode, you can play racing games offline.


Challenge any player and beat their record highs. The global leaderboard shows the lap time of other players. Every week, the first top 5 players get a prize – a unique car that is not available for getting anywhere else. A true glory in our motorsport community!


Season #1 has already started! So, try your hand and gather a complete collection of racing cars! Feel the true vibe with driving cars of the 1995-2000s. Season #2 will be available soon – with new tracks, new challenges, and a new car collection of the 2000-2005s.

So, join motorhead community of Hard Racing drag race games and burn rubber at this awesome drag racing simulator! Install this drift online multiplayer right now and play your best drag car racing games! Challenge yourself and your friends in car drift racing and car tuning games! Enjoy the exciting vibes of street racing!

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Hard Racing user reviews :

Game title is accurate – it’s a hard racing game. If you aren’t winning, it’s because it’s a skill issue. The graphics are amazing for a game on mobile – the physics in collaboration make a spectacular visual experience. The game is receiving dev support and gets better each update. I would especially recommend giving this game a try. Other racing games on mobile are really easy and unrealistic compared to this. 5 stars Plz fix free ride mode

One of the best realistic racing games with awesome graphic and better optimization but update is required. Please  add tilt control, fix sound effects, cockpit view is needed I hope that in the next update all of this should be there.Thank keep it up

3 stars for now. For the effort. To be honest, the game is good, but needs to make more focus on the car. Make more contrast between cars and the road, (track). Colors bursting. Car engine for now, it’s not so bad, but is not real either. The aesthetic damage effect is ok. Sound check ok. More coloring. Sorry; I’m repeating myself with the color thing.

Overall good racing game with modern graphics and features like customisation options, tuning and many different events to play. The game itself runs smoothly and in my experience has never crashed on my Galaxy S9. It’s a unique choice to have that 80’s style background music I think, which is nice. There was once a serious bug in the game but the dev responded and was able to fix it perfectly. I just lost a bit of interest for the game due to the handling mechanic. It’s not my liking ig.

Overall the game is great. The only problem I have with the game is it doesn’t have tilt steering. Please add the tilt steering option. No it’s not impossible. I race better with tilt steering. Buttons mess me up

  • it is impossible to play the game well with a tilt.

So far I have found that at least 2 tracks are glitched out in free ride. The funiucular and station. It’s very much u playable for those 2 tracks in the free ride mode at least. Every thing else seems good so far.

this game is good. but the controls are a little weird. and it’s hard to play drift please make it like a legend car drift game and free drive wherever we want I give it 9/10. 5 stars

Great so far, so much potential to start. Needs more cars and variety with rarity as well. More customization and tuning. Keep up the great work

The game is great. It has good crashing and the customisation is great as the game drifting is also different but I will get ahang if it l would like some updates so I can enjoy . thanks

  • Thank you for appreciating our hard work.

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