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Drill and CollectDeep beneath the earth’s surface, hidden riches wait to be unearthed! In this exciting idle mining game, you’ll be drilling, digging, and collecting mud, dirt, and ores to build your mining empire from scratch.

As an idle miner, your job is to excavate the earth with excavator and uncover, explore valuable resources that you can sell for profit in this idle world. You’ll need to strategize and manage your resources wisely to maximize your earnings and expand your operations.

To get started, you’ll need to hire idle workers and equip them with the necessary tools and gear to begin your digging and drilling. As you collect mud, merge and dig and collect diamond, dirt, and ores, you can sell them for money, which you can use to upgrade your idle equipment, hire more idle workers, and expand your idle mining operations.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and addictive idle game, this is the one for you. With its idle miner feature, you can sit back and let the idle machine do the work for you while you explore and build your idle mining empire. But don’t forget to keep an eye on your idle profits and make strategic decisions to ensure your idle success.

As you progress, you’ll encounter more challenging idle resources to extract, requiring more advanced idle equipment and skills like build master. You’ll need to explore, dig and unlock uncharted areas to find these idle resources but watch out for unexpected idle events like cave-ins or equipment breakdowns that can set you back.

With your idle profits, you can reinvest in your idle mining site to grow your idle operation and become an idle business tycoon. You can expand your idle team, be a construction master pro, upgrade your idle equipment, and even acquire idle land to unlock additional idle mining games opportunities.

In this idle tycoon game, you’ll experience the thrill of building, crafting and managing your idle mining empire. Take control of the entire idle operation, make strategic idle decisions, and watch your idle empire flourish as you discovering the gold and goblins. Hire and train idle workers like stone miners, optimize your idle processes, and stay ahead of the idle competition.

With simple yet addictive idle gameplay and stunning idle graphics, this idle drill game offers hours of entertainment for idle players of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned idle gaming tycoon or a newcomer to the world of idle games or lumber games, the allure of becoming a successful idle mining tycoon awaits you.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your idle hard hat, grab your idle pickaxe, and embark on the journey to idle mining success! Start drilling for idle riches and become the ultimate idle tycoon in this captivating idle mining game. If you like offline idle games, mining games and collect diamonds, this idle miner game is for you.

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Drill and Collect user reviews :

This game while simple was pretty fun for a while. After unlocking section two I started getting bombarded with ads. Every 5 minutes I get a sudden unskipable ad. It could also be i didn’t have a data connection when i started the game was why it didn’t suck at the beginning. But once again a fun game ruined by ads. You can monitize a game without ad spam

I love the game, it’s fun, but it’s just SO LAGGY. I mean, whenever I’m digging, it gets SO SLOW, and when I’m just simply collecting cash after I haven’t collected it in a while, it usually takes about 30 seconds, but instead it takes about 1 minute. And the ADS. I think it’s all of the ads on the game the causes it to lag so much. Please, fix this.

This game has the potential to be a lot better then it currently is, is a great time waster!! But all the ads far to many ads and the areas need to be different with different types of materials, just get repetitive after a while, and the game itself has so many bugs, crashes after about 7-10 ads and when game is reloaded all materials and uncollected money is gone, if it wasn’t so repetitive and buggy I might consider ad free if it was a bit cheaper as £5.99 is far to much

I liked the game ok, but there’s no new content after area 3, and the boulders disappear after level 58 of each area. The game mechanic is repetitive, but I find it fun in a way. The fastest way to skip the frequent ads is to close the program and reopen it. The game description is fairly accurate–except for the word idle.

Love it but, I’m on area 19 and it seems to be the same thing each area, just some ideas 1. Boulders have something valuable inside when jack hammering it. 2. Deeper you go, make it worth it. 3. Something different than the same rubies. Not putting game down at all, I love it but just needs some change in different areas. Thanks

Here is the good: Relaxing game. Enjoyable game. Here is the bad: -Lots of ads unless you by a “no ads” thing in game. I did that for only a couple bucks. It was worth it. -This is by no means an idle game. The drilling/mining has to be done by you. So do not let that fool you. -You do the same gems and minerals every other land. There are 6 total gems and minerals used. -Devs need to ad in more minerals and gems. Gets boring seeing the same colors again and again.

Literally the best mobile game ever!!! You never get bored be a use there is always new stuff, you can turn off WiFi for no ads, and it has in game purchases, so even if u don’t watch ads, they still get money! It’s a win-win! Edit: ok nvm I updated and there are way too many glitches and visual bugs Yet another edit: the workers say “Boss, please upgrade the processing machine! Meanwhile my processing machine: Build: 9/9

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