Empress Choice – Your choice decides the trend of the story

[Game] Empress Choice

Empress ChoiceEmpress’s Choice is a fancy dress up game, simulating ancient noble life in imperial palaces.

To rejuvenate your family, you enter the palace harem bravely, from an anonymous maid to the powerful empress. You can decide what happens next , such as acquainting handsome confidants, cultivating children, and getting promoted by palace competing.

Experience the glorious ancient palaces
It blends modern cultural characteristics with beauty and prosperity perfectly. You can match various styles of clothes freely, show your dressing creativity with players all around the world, admire ancient buildings with oriental texture and enjoy your leisure time in comfortable home.

Your choice decides the trend of the story
Immersed in the story made up of over 100 chapters, you can experience how to become an empress from a maid. However, please don’t merely just read the stories like a novel for your choices decide the trend of the story.

Build your harem power
Handle harem affairs, make friends with nobles and expand your power range to defeat anyone who gets in your way.

Tour the palace with handsome confidants
Who says an empress can only live a life full of intrigues? Now that many handsome confidants are around you, you may fall in love at the first sight or with time.

Empress Choice user reviews :

I love the graphics of the game, and the storyline as well. I think that the clothes have a wide variety and that’s nice as well, however I find it extremely frustrating when MUCH higher ranked players can attack other low rank ones and we can either send out a wanted message with gold ingots, or just let it slide. Very irritating, it’s hard to move forward without paying for things aswell. Overall, not bad, just slightly frustrating.

  • My Lady~ Most games have antagonistic gameplay. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact service in game or Facebook PM.I wish you a happy game

I love this game! As a fan of Yanxi Palace (tv Show) the story is interesting. I love the historical clothes and you don’t get interrupted by ads. You could play for free and still find plenty to do but paying will accelerate and make things even more exciting/competitive. I give 4 stars for 2 reasons. 1) I don’t care for all the modern outfit. As the game takes place in ancient imperial harem, the modern clothes seem put of place. 2) the chat doesn’t pop out so you can’t see what you type

  • My Lady~If you encounter any problems in the game or you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact the online customer service or FB editor, and we will be happy to listen and assist.

There are a lot of games with similar plots but this is by far the best in my opinion. Love the game play, gorgeous clothes, fun story… Lots of activities, ways to earn necessary items to progress, so you don’t have to spend real money to have a good experience. Only real downside in my mind is how addictive it is, and it can become a real time suck! I’ve actually had to uninstall a couple times because it was interfering too much with my real world responsibilities.

I really enjoy this game, but it is very expensive if you want to advance. Way to many items are behind a paywall, even items that are required to advance. However, both the art & community are great. It’s ruined by terrible customer support & poor treatment. Players have randomly lost items because of what seems to be a glitch that never gets resolved. Massive overcharging – you click $4.99 and get charged $99.99. They don’t fix the issue and then ban your account if you dispute the charge.

  • Hello, dear player。 Your feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome.If you encounter any game problem, please contact customer service in game or Facebook PM, it will be more efficient!

I haven’t encountered a single ad and the story is fun. I’ve never felt like it really presents a challenge outside of dialogue options, which is actually.. really nice! I like to play this game to unwind. It’s got voice acting. The “top up” stuff looks very cool but if you’re not looking to spend anything, this game is still actually super fun without that stuff. It would be more to support the devs. Cheers!

I haven’t seen an ad yet, and this game has a lot to do. There are many outfits, pets, rooms, and an outdoor yard to decorate. The dates are cute (though they do repeat a bit), and the overall story is intriguing. There are unique servants, confidants, and rivals. It’s very easy to get lost in this game, but I quite enjoy it!

  • My Lady~Thank you so much for your love and support.If you have other questions, please feel free to contact service in game or Facebook PM.

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