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Ducky NotesApp introduction

Ducky Notes is a “Ducky”-themed healing-style & girlish journal diary book.Here,you can write diaries with Ducky.A lot of materials at Ducky’s material store are free! Every day in the future, Ducky will accompany you to self-discipline clock, record mood and growth , complain troubles …

App Features

1.Ducky Notes software is a healing and cute software. A super cute and lovely “Ducky” accompanies you to write journal. You can freely collage and record in a cozy atmosphere.
2.Easy to operate, complete a journal in three steps.
3.A full range of materials and styles. Original and innovative journal stickers, backgrounds and brushes are constantly updated.
4.Original journal monthly calendar function. The monthly calendar view is clear and crisp, so you can view each day’s diary accurately without missing any day.

App Use
1.In the home page, click “+” to start writing journal.
2.When you finish the journal, you can enter the journal title and introduction and save it in the journal books you created.
3.In the left display bar of the home page, you can check the monthly journal clocking status in the calendar view.

Developers’ Wish
Hi,I am your new neighbor.After two months of development, I am finally born. Just came out, Ducky is happy but nervous, happy for I finally came here to meet you and nervous for I am too young and I have a lot of shortcomings. There is a lot of room for me to improve, I will work hard to optimize and constantly update to provide you with a smoother experience, more beautiful materials and more surprising features ~
Your favorite is our motivation, even if bald! Any questions or suggestions are welcomed to comment

Ducky Notes user reviews :

This App makes the cutest and most inspiring notepad for journals and other note writing needs. It’s mascot the duck and vast supply of stickers, bsckgrounds and font styles, are very encouraging for people like me, who detest bland notepads, with Ducky Notes, maintaining a record of something or simple journaling, becomes a lot more interesting and a very fun activity!!!

The game is super and very cute !!! I like the template, the sticker, the pen and much more… But, some things in this app use the internet. Among them are templates, stickers and pens. Because of that, I took a way to make my own stickers and I was able to do it because this app provides a service to make stickers. This game has jornal features that I really want. Anyway, I really like this app everr

Lovely app for journaling with many assets. Unfortunately, when you have too many items on the page or if the items are too small, it becomes extremely difficult to select or resize. It would be nice to have resizing via pinch, moving by two fingers, and a delete button somewhere in the menu bar when an item is selected.

It’s a cute app. The details are cute. The reason why I put 4 stars because The stickers is glitching. I haven’t used it for a haft month. It’s just started from `Happy mother’s day“. This is very annoying. Please restart this app. I try to restart my phone. I try to download it 3 time already.

Cute and easy to use. Need to pay if want to save to cloud…especially if u r changing Ur phone into a new one.

It’s really enjoyable I could write all of my secrets it’s nice to have it that way since it’s so hard to keep myself busy now I can keep myself busy by this it’s fun too

This is a super cute app! You don’t have to pay to use it, and it doesn’t constantly shove ads down your throat. It’s simple to use, and quite interactive! You can watch ads for extra stuff, but in my opinion it’s perfectly valid and worth it! Would recommend!!

AAAHHH! I LOVE THIS APP! TYSM FOR CREATING THIS! i can confess all my feelings in here and express my creativity by putting the stickers and doing journals! it’s really cute and it doesn’t contain ads (it does only when you’re purchasing the free stickers). i love the design and everything! even the journal / note / mood tracker’s cover is cute! everything is free except for the clouds. I JUST LOVE THIS!

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