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World Clock WidgetWorld Clock is a handy time clock Widget for converter any time Passages. In the application, you can set the timestamp for any city and also see the Zulu time.

The app easily moves the clock in and out. In our application, you can track the eastern time passages, military time clock and even mountain time) The application will be very useful for people who travel constantly. With this lifestyle, it is very easy to lose track of time passages. But with our application, you can always track UTC time now as well as central time and get time zone am i in. Tcp mobile watch is always in your smart phone and you don’t need to look for it. Md clock as an additional feature will pleasantly surprise you!

On the MD clock may show different times depending on the time zone converter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Digital clock or an accurate Atomic clock. There is also a World Clock for iPhone. If you have 2 phones, you can use this timeclock plus World clock for iphone. The application can be used as a Military time clock, in which you can find out the exact time. Any modern person will need our the time zone converter app, since now many people have remote work, or relatives in other time zones.

For example, if you are currently in eastern time zone, you can easily find out the time now in any other city in the world time! You can find out my time zone by double tapping the screen. World clock with seconds, any world time zones and current mountain time available on one screen! The application was conceived as a multifunctional time converter and time zone clock for the convenience of orienting in time zones.

If you have any questions about the application, feel free to contact FeedbackPartyGames[at]

Download the Time clock app and use World Clock as a time converter! The Clock Widget will make the application easier to use

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World Clock Widget user reviews :

Shows Australia as yesterday instead of tomorrow (I’m in the UK). Glad I saw that before wasting any more time. Disappointing, as this would be very handy if only it were reliable. (Except that cities can’t be reordered once added so you have to add them in the order you want to view them, and there needs to be a setting for font size).

  • Good afternoon. Time in cities is shown relative to the first city in the list. Those. If you set London as the first city, then the time in other cities will be displayed relative to it. To change the position of a city, you need to hold down the city and move it to the location you need. I hope we helped you, everything should work correctly.

You can’t make any app changes unless you “thank the developer.” Which at that point, just make it a paid app. They’re already getting ad revenue. Edited for response: Yes, the main functions work. However, my point still stands. All changes are locked behind a pay wall, masquerading as a gesture of appreciation. Either make it a paid app, get rid of the options if you feel it already does everything it needs to do, or make thanking the developer optional.

  • Thank you for your comment. Most likely you are right and we will make the application paid in the near future. However, the main functionality will remain free.

The app is great. However, I am looking for a more detailed widget. The app itself is simple and good enough. Lots of cities to choose from if you need to be specific

Really nice app. I love how it allows me to edit the Time zone names. One thing I hope for is customization of theme. The first picture showed several colors, but I can’t seem to change it from black. I use light theme for almost everything so the dark theme feels out of place. (A transparent option would also be great!..)

  • Thank you for your feedback on our world clock widget app. We will soon release an update that will allow you to manually change the app theme and widget theme.

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