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[Game] Dungeon Corporation

Dungeon Corporation  An auto-farming game!
The ultimate idle game for farming items to become infinitely more powerful!!

Freestyle growth strategies!
You can power up your hero via numerous items and options, various stats and proficiency systems to your heart’s content!

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Dungeon Corporation user reviews :

A really good idle game, getting new equipment it easy, getting the essence is SUPER easy. Graphics are really nice while the music is really repetitive and can be frustrating to listen to just turn down your volume and it’ll be chill

Had it at 4 stars in beginning of game, but soon after it became purely pay-to-win. I don’t mind grinding, since that is part of the idea in an idle game. However, once skin characters hit level 10, just getting character stat resets you have to pay with real money. Once you’ve completed the first 100 floors, you will need to pay for everything, including access to quests! Love the art and the concept, but this game is literred with pay-to-win. Skipping to other idlers with fairer gameplay.

My intro into the game was rocky, but those issues seems to have subsided for now. The only gripe I have is I have to restart the gave very often because buttons will stop working and I get stuck with a perpetual loading icon over my game. I can work around it, but it can be annoying having to restart the game just to upgrade gear or fight bosses or otyer stuff.

Beautiful, everything you’d want in an RPG-like autofarming game, with lots of intricacies for those more invested in the game. Also, amazing job on the recent UI update, love the new design and the additions. Only issue is some loading screens are really long and occasionally flashy, like on the launch screen and the mailbox menu. Other than that, please keep updating the game! I adore it.

It was actually pretty cool. Took me too long to figure out how to “compare” gear to actually see if it’s worth equipping or not. I’m uninstalling cuz I decided to open the game after about a week or so, and it said I collected 10000 essence, asked me to double it with an ad (obviously i did), but the ad wasn’t a video, so I thought it glitched and finished early, I pressed the X, and I got no essence at all.

It’s hard to see the beautiful graphics of the game when you are constantly struggling to get rid of equipment. You can just get rid of all of the equipment with a button but I look at each stats and try to choose the best one which is quite difficult, each time I think I got the supplies down it will fill right back up so I can’t just sit back and do something else.

Fun game, but the cost of basic ease of life perks is either timed or $50+. I often put money into games to support the developers, but I’m not paying $50 for simple perk of having rare items auto essence. In my opinion, if I’m putting $10 into a game, then that should unlock all ease of life perks permanently. Maybe, $25 for a really great bundle deal that throws in skin, pet, EoL permanent perks, no ads permanently, and double game speed. Also, crapy armor break system. No, bad devs, no money!

Amazing, so hard to find an actual IDLE game.. Full IDLE without micromanagement. You can literally go AFK for 10 or more hours and progress very quickly. Most IDLE games require you to pop in and adjust something or increase something. I set up my game and watched 2 full movies without touching the game.. Came back nearly 5 hours later and progressed nicely. I amazed at how simple the game is to manage. I have already given the development of the game a generous funding. Great Work!

It’s fun and it has quite a lot of good gaming features but evertime i log in the daily bonus either gives it to me or it doesn’t and it’s so annoying. same with watching ads for rewards, it just doesn’t seem to work 100% of the time.

The best part of this game is the chat community. The game itself clunky and buggy, with progress coming to a screaching halt often. You *have to be online* to gain appreciable progress. Most of your arena battles are against abandoned or banned accounts in the Bronze 1 group. The game’s stated odds of success for upgrades are unreliable. The help section is poorly translated, with errors and missing info. I wasted a month of my time; don’t make the same mistake.

i really enjoy the game,id really like if there was an option to choose your style of combat like if you could switch to projectiles like bows,and if this does get implemented into the game it would be cool if you were able to enchantment the bow and get special effects off of the arrows other than that this game is very enjoyable and i would recommend it to my friends if i had any

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