A Midsummer Night – Will you fall into the mysterious Faerie clutches

[Game] A Midsummer Night Choice

A Midsummer Night  In this Shakespearean comedy adventure, can forbidden love conquer adorable fairy outlaws?

“A Midsummer Night’s Choice” is a 190,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Kreg Segall, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind”

When your father, the Duke, tries to force you to marry, you’ll leave civilization behind as you flee in disguise, cross-dressed, into the enchanted forest. Mistaken identities, inexplicable bears, and tiny but fearsome fairies await! (Seriously, they wear little walnut shells for helmets, and ride armored baby bunnies into battle.)

Will you fall into the mysterious Faerie Queene’s clutches? Will you (or your identical doppelganger) find true love? Or will your father’s spies find you first?

Hold on to your heart! The course of true love never did run smooth.

Play as male or female, gay, straight, or bi.
Inspire the world with your noble deeds, or play everything for laughs.
Star in a play within a play. (Er, within a game…that you are playing.)
Become a jester, a diplomat, a knight, a poet, a shepherd–or leave the world behind and join the fairy court.
Why is there a bear?!

A Midsummer Night user reviews :

I love the first 2 chapters. But it requires payment to advance. Is it possible to watch ads in order to play the rest or is that not an option cause I noticed it was for your game Affairs of Court. Just asking. I love it so far. I understand if it’s really just pay to play.

I love the idea!!! But for myself I have a hard reading becuase my brain cant stay focus on reading and I forgot what happen thus I have to read it again and again to make sure I understand Im reading as a suggestion: music or adding an audio version would awesome!!!! Cus I could listen to it and make a decision!!! As dnd player I love that because I can relax aaand. Imagine the world around me and enjoy the store more. Again it suggestion but it would be nice

I actually purchased this book. The characters were all very unique and easy to remember. There were times I laughed out loud at certain parts of the story. Good comedy, good drama: good writing. The stats worked perfectly. I learned a lot about Shakespeare from reading this story. Entertaining read with good replayability. Highly recommend.

This is such an interesting concept to a game and I love it! It’s like those choose your own adventure books, but I am much more immersed and engaged with the story! I love this so much and will be happy to indulge myself with their other games!

I LOVED IT!!!! I just HATE that u have to pay for it… it was getting so goooddd and then it’s like ya gotta pay. But I did fall inlove with a character tho so that was fine.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this one. About to have to buy this game again because I got a new phone and can’t restore the purchase for some reason. I don’t have the receipt anymore either but whatever at least it wasn’t one of the more expensive ones.

I love the story and how some of the choices is unexpected within the gameplay. I enjoyed it so much that I keep playing it again for the other endings.

This is hilarious, and one of the best CYOA games I have ever played. It’s so much more relaxing than games that take one wrong move to deliver you instant death. I highly recommend buying the full version! You will not regret it.

After all the choice of games ive played, this one was a huge let down, kind of confusing and personally i found it a bit boring. Sorry but thats just my opinion Sill a huge fan of your games tho!

One of the best interactive novel I’ve read. It’s worth every penny and I’m honestly sad I can’t have it as a physical book. Definitely worth buying!

I can clearly see the thought put into it while reading the story. Even if I haven’t read any of Shakespeare’s works, I still had a good time playing it.

Honestly the best interactive novel I’ve ever had the absolute joy of playing through.

Brilliant. I love every single one of Kreg Segall’s work to a excruciating extent, seriously. 9000/10 recommended.

I loved this game dearly, it made me smile and was very fun to play.

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