Dungeon Hunter 6 – Save the realm from new and returning Evils

[Game] Dungeon Hunter 6

Dungeon Hunter 6Dungeon Hunter is BACK!

Thrilling Gameloft ARPG Sequel!

Unite, fearless Bounty Hunters, and embrace Dungeon Hunter VI – a unique and enthralling hack-and-slash odyssey that continues the cherished saga. Enter uncharted territories, reunite with iconic characters, and experience a new level of excitement in this extraordinary installment!

Return to the Valenthia 200 years after the brave sacrifice of the Bounty Hunter and experience brand new thrilling adventures, in a scale never seen before in a Dungeon Hunter Game.

Join the journey of the heroes trying to stop the malevolent powers that appeared from the Forbidden Towers, and combat hordes of Demonic Beings in an EPIC Hack and Slash experience.

Pick one of the 5 available classes, summon your most trusted companions and save the realm from new and returning Evils.

Wealth, Respect, Glory, Power … all yours for the taking!

Game Highlights:
1. Immerse Yourself in New Adventures
Embark on an epic new Campaign, solve the mysteries of the Forbidden Towers and save the Realm.
Explore Valenthia like never before and experience new unique locations.

2. Forge Your Own Hero’s Journey
Choose any from the Iconic Dungeon Hunter classes: Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mage and the Boon Sister;
Gear up and customize your heroes, piece by piece!
Customize your skill trees suited to your distinct playstyle!

3. Rally Your Forces and Forge New Bonds
Gather and summon powerful lieutenants that range from simple monsters to Legendary Heroes of the Past!
Join or create Guilds and collaborate with allies to defeat formidable foes that threaten your world!

4. Premium Quality Gaming Experience
Stunningly upgraded visuals bring the world with vivid locations, well-designed characters, and dynamic combat effects.
Find yourself immersed in a captivating narrative, brought to life by professional voice acting and compelling OST.

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Dungeon Hunter 6 user reviews :

Actually, it’s really fun. Graphics are good. Fighting mechanics remind me of Diablo and the gameplay is rather straight forward. A lot of auto pathing which is fine, but during actual dungeons and/or demon hunting quests, it’s touch based which is a nice… touch! However the game DESTROYS my battery. Running on a Samsung Galaxy S24+ granted my graphics and FPS are set max. Battery was at 86% upon starting, after the tutorial and a few quests, I was resting at 62% in just say 20-30 minutes.

It’s pretty fun, and it’s giving a lot of free rewards for the opening, but it’s still obviously p2w w the many top-up opportunities. Still, so far it doesn’t seem like f2p will be completely left behind if they’re here for the pre-reg giveaways. Battle isn’t hard yet. Wish there was no auto, though. Kinda a bummer to be falling behind to people not even playing the game.

Only started, but game has a layout that matches other games of the same style. Best way I can describe it so far is how diablo immortal looks and feels. From abilities to layout the assassin character seems like a copy of the demon hunter. Also has the theme of “solo play” in an open world area where you still see and can interact with other players. Would much rather have any of the original 4 games get remastered than another live service game.

Absolute mess of systems that aren’t properly explained and pop up way too often. Too many flashy icons leading to a fustercluck of a UI. Boring, unresponsive gameplay where you 1 shot pretty much everything with OP, flashy, 1 dimensional skills, and you are bombarded with new equipment every 2 seconds. The whole gacha element is pointless and boring and serves as a way to force microtransactions, (which by the way, microtransactions will be shoved down your throat from the get go).

I am playing in Dex in window mode or full screen. I started the game and could not move. I am guessing there is no gamepad support? If not, please add it. The more console like the experience, the more I will enjoy the game. So I started the game, could ot move, and just left… I honestly was expecting gamepad support. If it is there and I am dong something wrong. Please let me know. The game sure looks beautiful, very premium. I know I will enjoy this epic adventure, with support

Game plays well but does not introduce anything innovative or new, just takes a little of everything from same genre and mashes it together. Main issues are the amount of menu buttons clutter up 40% of your screen. Micro transactions are a plenty, VIP statuses usually point to heavy pay to win for those who like competitive aspect of these games. Worth checking out but think it will grow forgettable quickly.

Just started, haven’t gotten far into it yet but I really enjoy the gameplay style one thing I would recommend is adding an option to make the virtual joystick static and locked in place, because it follows your finger with a very short range and obstructs movement if your not consciously watching exactly where the joystick is

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