Bless and Magic – Where all the art is in pixel style

[Game] Bless and Magic – Idle RPG

Bless and MagicIn front of you is a classic role-playing game implemented in the idle genre.

You do not have to control your character directly, he will fight automatically. You need to pump your hero, find different armor and items in this rpg game.

The graphics are in retro rpg style, where all the art is in pixel style. In this idle rpg game you are given to choose one of three heroes: Mage, Vampire and Hunter, but you can play and pump each one. There are many entities to pump in this idle prg: heroes, magic, armor, gems, forge, etc.

Your hero in this rpg idle game will fight different monsters and bosses by himself. You can also go to fight in the arena or dungeon.
Find rare loot and equip your hero.


Classic role-playing game
Choose your hero: Mage, Vampire or Hunter
Create your own combination of magical skills and armor
Familiar to fans of the idle rpg genre game characteristics of heroes and items

Equip your hero
Collect rare, heroic, epic, ancient and relics
Enhance, smelt, enhance, bless and create them
Upgrade your hero, think about which way you want to boost your hero: strength, dexterity, magic

Different battlefields
In Bless & Magic you will find: Dungeon, Gold Mine, World Boss and more
Take part in battles, raid dungeons and earn rewards
You can play both online and offline

Unique items and gems

Collect, smelt, unlock, and trade magical gems
You will accumulate more and more loot as you play

Buffs and Ranks
Every day from monday to sunday you will be awarded different buffs.
Participate in worldwide rankings with other players

Epic battles in a role-playing saga game about three heroes. Idle Rpg adventure in your pocket.
Get ready to explore a world of blessing and magic!

Bless and Magic user reviews :

It’s a great game overall but it barely gets any updates anymore it seems so I have an idea for people who need to become stronger in a faster way. Give the reward match 3-5 resets a day and also add more things into the game because it just seems like you only need to play a hour a day on it then wait for the next day. It gets boring after a while too because it doesn’t have a lot of things in the game(add pvp)

Looks like a good idle game but there’s no tutorials or nothing that explains anything to me of what I’m doing on it. Like drills, enhancements, what materials mean what and for, and stuff like that. I’ll probably keep playing it in hopes of figuring it out. I would recommend a help section or atleast some sort of guide.

Really slow pace game. I hope there’s something like 2-3x battle. And there’s bug of attendance achievements, i get the day 10 attendance achievements, but not get day 1,5,6. How come??? I will rate it higher after it fix properly. Thanks.

Dark side dungeon was great. The dark rpg was great. This continues the love and fun of the series. Thank you for letting us play it, much love. Give it a try guys, and find the auto melt in inventory.

Thank you developers, I really enjoyed this old fashioned rpg. After I’ve passed through the 2000 rank I understand almost all. Want to improve my character to the maximum rank possible.

It looks neat… But, I can’t get passed the username entry. It’s too difficult to find the real button, wherever you hid it.. So, I didn’t even get to try your game, sorry! No need to fix this problem, I’m just uninstalling and going to play my trusted games instead. You get a single star rating.

Can we have an option to sell items for gold? Since gold is needed in almost all upgrades, enhancements and other stuff to make your character progress. Grinding for gold and XP is a bit hard.

Stuck at creating username. Once I tap create it just keeps loading to no end. Wish this get a fix since the game looks really promising.

New update won’t work because of Google play permissions. Game starts but sits on dark screen with Google play asking for permissions.

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