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[App] Ektacam – Analog film camera

EktacamAn easy-to-use camera app that brings you the joy of shooting film while using digital.

Ektacam is a film emulation camera app that lets you capture pictures with the color response of many different types of film stocks, while seeing the film’s color response in real time before taking the picture. Camera control is very intuitive with common controls like exposure compensation, touch metering, touch focus and zoom are all done with simple gestures.

Realtime film emulation
Choose any popular film stock and see its color response in realtime. Choose among B&W, instant film, slide or negative.

Share with a simple gesture
Sharing any photo is just a gesture way. Supports one-click publishing to current top social networks and services.

Easy gestures to control the camera
Slide left or right to adjust the exposure. Tap to select focus point. Tap and hold to select exposure point.

Built-in gallery and edit tools
View your photos with the integrated image gallery. Intuitively crop and level your photos using the integrated editor.

Composition aids
Choose between 5 different grid types to assist in your composition. Choose between a full-screen or letterboxed view.

Powerful but easy settings
Anything from changing picture resolution, self-timer, geotagging or volume keys function is just a tap away.

The trademarked names which may appear as the film profile names within the app are there for informational purposes only. They serve only to inform the user which film stock the app is trying to approximate. As there is no way to convey this information other than by using the trademarked name, we believe this constitutes fair use. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by the companies that own the trademarks.

Ektacam user reviews :

Love almost everything about this app. Perfect. One problem though. I like my phone on vibrate mode with no sound at all. This app has no option to stop shutter sound. Infact this app forces phone settings from vibrate to sound mode whenever u click shutter once. Thats a bit of a problem. No permission option for shutter sound or app sound. Thats the only problem. And frankly the shutter sound is really really loud and irritating beep. So if possible change that. Otherwise I am happy with this.

Film simulations transform the once sterile photos of my honor 9. The simple exposure compensation control is good and the ability to reprocess the photo with different film simulations afterwards brilliant. However a few bugs exist. Taking a photo with the honor camera app(default when taking a photo using the volume key from locked) results in the loss of the exposure control and reprocessing ability. I have found that deleting the apps data restores the features.

I absolutely love this app, when it works. On my Pixel 3 XL, the shutter rarely works whether I use the button on-screen or if I use the volume keys. I might only get it to work 20% of the time, but when it works, the photos look great. plsfix

The app is running really bad, it hangs a lot, but its fantastic for taking superb photos emulating the film effect and also great for when i shoot my analog camera, it helps get a preview of what the scene will look like on film. Love it.

It’s a really great app, but it’ can be fussy about which phones it runs well on. I have a couple of Chinese Mediatek based phones (Doogee Mix and InFocus IN610) and it runs perfectly on them. I also have an HTC Evo 10 (Bolt) and it starts, runs v e r y slowly and sometimes force closes. Shame as the HTC is my daily driver.

I was highly impressed with the app..Thinking to buy paid version !!afterwords i came across the issues in exposure control ! Due to this i had to re think buying paid service..Apart from this, a great app ..Hope You Guys fix the bug

I was introduced to this camera from the late, lamented CFV-5. (Note: CFV-5 is back and working!) While it’s not been updated for a while, I still enjoy the various emulsions. AND the fact that the emulsions are NAMED – face it: K5 or F3 aren’t very helpful!

Great apps . But sometimes the orientation is messed-up . Please fix this bug.

Edit: Hi, could you let me know the full list of films you emulate? It seems I’m missing a few that should be there according to the screenshots. I’ve been looking for an app to reproduce the feel of old films such as Ektachrome and especially K25 for ever so long and this app really fits the bill. Really, really impressive!However, the effects can only be applied in-camera, I’m really looking forward to an update to be able to apply it to images already existing in my cameras roll. Also, the “integrated editor’ is missing. Do that (the ability to edit images – including the​ ones in the camera roll) I’ll rate it TEN ON FIVE!

  • Actually we are working precisely on that :-) We’ll be releasing that update really soon!

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