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[App] Filmm – Video Effects + Color

FilmmFrom Zoella and A Color Story comes a brand new video effects + filtering app for iOS!

Filmm makes it simple to mix and stack professional color grading filters with authentic film textures, light effects, and subtle distortions. The app includes—

Filmm packs pairing over 100 filters + effects
Advanced adjustment tools, including curves
Story splitting save options
Crop detection, pre-ready for social media dimensions
Clip trim for frame-accurate editing

Get unlimited access to all Filmm packs, watermark control, and all upcoming features with Filmm+!

Filmm user reviews :

Does not do a good job of adjusting color temperature. Apparently loads thumbnails for all your videos first, and since I have gigabytes of them, it took almost 3 minutes for it to even show a single picture on the screen. It works fine if you want to do major effects with color. But I just want to change the color temperature of a video to compensate for incontescent light versus fluorescent light. It doesn’t really do that. It just adds color over top of whatever you have.

I’ve been waiting for so long, the app looks amazing and it is really easy to use! However, it always shuts down when I try to use the effects hence I can never finish editing a video. Or if I can move past editing the rendering process never finishes because the app is not responding or just randomly closes.

I got this in March and I really liked it, but now it’s October and suddenly it doesn’t want to save the video. It sometimes won’t start rendering, when it does start rendering it will crash about 8-12 times and I’ll have to back out and start again. When it does actually render an entire video (and most of my videos are only 10 or less sec long) it takes almost 10 min! It’s not my phone storage, I’ve tried un/reinstalling, restarting my phone etc. This is the only app with curves for video

  • Hi! We sincerely apologize for any frustration here. Would you mind reaching out to our support team at so we can look into what might be going on?

I bought some of the filters and effects in order to remove the watermark. They look fine in app but unfortunately when I export my edits the effects only last only about 8-9 secs before freezing on me. Pls fix !!! Edit: They fixed this problem with the updates but now I’m exporting all my videos at a lower resolution. Filmm would be perfect if only the final results actually looked like what we see in app. Pls let us export in 4k

  • Hi, we apologize for the frustration! Would you mind checking to see if you are updated to the latest version of Filmm in the Google Play Store? If so, please reach out to our support team at so we can help fix this for you!

Videos take ages to export and even then, once you click the export button the app crashes. I do love the idea of the app and would love to see it improve. Having a time line and being able to edit a sequence would be quite cool as well.

  • Hi Nadette, we apologize for the frustration. We just released an update to fix some minor bugs and crashing issues! If you are still getting this issue after updating, please reach out to our support team at We’d love to get this issue fixed for you!

hai. everything about this apps is absolutely perfect, so i have no complaints regarding the features. but i would like to know if there is any solution to solve the issue where the sound goes missing from my video everytime after i have saved them? would appreciate any feedback, thank you.

I would give it a five if you bring back or fix its multiple-video-merging editor just as featured at Apple Store, yet in Android phones it’s not available for free use. It would be an excellent app if there are a bit more free filters and features. 3 for its good free frames and few filters. Less 2 cuz it’s lacking features using an Android phone, and second cuz it takes almost 15-20 mins to save a 1-minute video. It’s battery consuming because it doesn’t let the phone lock to save the project

since some of the filters are locked, but still the apps works perfectly fine. The filters which are unlocked are also of great use. They’re attractive. The reason I rate it 4 is because you need to give more choices as people who can’t buy will be having trouble in making edits. Thankyou and this app is bizarre! I love it! And the app is the most unique one I’ve seen. Filters for video! Isn’t that mind blowing? It’s an awesome app you should give it a try

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