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[Game] Elemental Raiders


In this immersive 3D world, you’ll assemble a formidable team, collect unique spells, and face off against adversaries in thrilling PvP battles and challenging single-player raids.

Key Features:

Deep Tactical Gameplay: Engage in intense turn-based combat, where each decision has a strategic impact on the outcome of the battle. With accessible gameplay mechanics, you’ll need to carefully select your heroes’ spells and use them wisely to triumph over your foes.

Thrilling PvP Arena: Prove your strategic prowess in the exciting PvP Arena, where you’ll go head-to-head against other players in live battles. Rise through the ranks and unlock new heroes as you demonstrate your mastery of strategy and team building.

Elemental Heroes: Command a diverse team of heroes, each hailing from the elements of Water, Fire, and Nature. Each hero possesses a unique set of spells, providing endless strategic combinations.

Spell-Based Hero Customisation: Equip your heroes with over 135 unique spells, each with exclusive stats and attributes, to enhance their combat effectiveness. From Uncommon to Legendary, these spells enable heroes to adapt and overcome diverse challenges.

Hero Aesthetics: Add a touch of uniqueness to your team with a variety of distinctive skins. These skins offer a way to style your heroes, adding an extra layer of individuality to your gameplay experience

Single-Player Raids: Experience the thrill and challenge of single-player Raids. Engage in epic battles against the Evil Titans to earn powerful chests and unlock awe-inspiring new spells.

Climb the Leaderboard: Ascend to the top by earning trophies and reap exclusive rewards like Chests and Rune Stones. Your journey through the realm of Elemental Raiders could lead you to become the greatest champion this world has ever seen.

Made for Esports: For those seeking an extra challenge, participate in regular esports tournaments with massive rewards. Showcase your strategic skills on a grand stage and earn recognition for your prowess.

Vibrant Community: Become part of the active Elemental Raiders community. Forge alliances, share strategies, and embark on thrilling adventures with fellow players around the globe.

Get ready for an epic journey in Runaria, where you’ll dive into the world of Elemental Raiders – a clash of strategy, turn-based battles, and breathtaking visuals. Test your skills in PvE battles, gather your collection of heroes and cards, and dominate the PvP Arena.
Snap into the adventure and become a true master of Elemental Raiders. Download now and start your quest to conquer the Arena and Raids in the epic world of Runaria!

PLEASE NOTE! Elemental Raiders is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
If you are below eighteen (18) years of age (or the age of majority where you live), have your parents or legal guardians review this Agreement. Your download and/or use of Elemental Raiders will entail their acceptance and authorisation to you for becoming a Player, and all binding obligations in relation to the EULA will also be binding for them.

Official Website:  elementalraiders.gamesforaliving.com
Support:  elementalraiders.gamesforaliving.com/support/
Twitter:  twitter.com/EleRaiders
Community:  discord.gg/gamesforaliving
Privacy Policy:  elementalraiders.gamesforaliving.com/privacy-policy/
End-User License Agreement: elementalraiders.gamesforaliving.com/tou/

Elemental Raiders user reviews :

I’m really enjoying the game, very easy to understand, spells combo is so fun and NO pay to win. Although need more type of characters(light and dark) and 1 mana spells(for buffs) so more complex combo is possible

I think it is a fairly new game under development judging from the number of characters and number of downloads. So far it is good with gameplay and yet to see anything extraordinary which would make it unique from other simar games. I will update rating based upon further development of game.

  • Thank you very much for the review and for your understanding! We have a lot of new content in development and it will be released soon. Good luck in the arenas!

I enjoy the graphics and animations. However, I would appreciate more content. I find the breaks frustrating, especially during raids when the game blocks itself, preventing me from finishing(already 5 tries..)

  • Thanks for the review Raider! I want to apologize for the bugs you had during the raid and I want to let you know that we are working to fix it and that we will soon release a major update that will add a lot of content. See you in the arena!

Well made and balanced game. Hope for more content, and characters for more strategic gameplay.

  • Love this game! Fun, quick little card battler. Looking forward to what kiss ahead. Hoping for more champions.

Good Game BUT not entirely Balance The only remedy is that overall Power/tier of cards should determine in matchmaking ,, Learn from Marvel Snap Matchmaking where Tier of Cards are part of Matchmaking but there should be an overall rating of cards for every upgrade for each hero.

  • Lamentamos que hayas experimentado este desnivel en tu experiencia de juego, y estamos comprometidos a mejorar la calidad del mismo. Nos enfrentamos al desafío de equilibrar la experiencia para jugadores de diferentes niveles. Tus preocupaciones se transmitirán al equipo de desarrollo para que se tomen en cuenta en futuras actualizaciones.

Great game. Not my usual type but it’s very good when you get into it. Love the characters and the game play.

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