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[Game] Summoners League – Crypto Duel

Summoners LeagueHave fun collecting, progressing, and competing in real-time PvP battles in this Match-3 puzzle game!
Use each hero and summoner’s skills strategically to defeat your opponents in real-time PvP battles against players worldwide!
Challenge the leaderboard each season to win valuable rewards!

A Match-3 puzzle game based on PvP battles
Are you a skilled match-3 puzzle player?
Then, show off your skills by competing with players from all over the world in Summoners League’s Match-3 PvP battles!

Match-3 puzzle meets collectible strategy game
When you match blocks, you can summon a hero to fight for you. Use each hero’s powerful skill to defeat your enemies!
Collect and upgrade heroes of higher grades, and combine your decks strategically to dominate the puzzle board!

Creative 1vs1 battle
Keep your eyes on the puzzle board and clear blocks to turn the tide of the battle. You can even steal your opponent’s heroes!
Stay on your toes! Your opponent might steal your powerful heroes as well!

Advanced progression system
Our advanced progression system offers unique features that allow you to unleash different skills from your heroes and summoners, even if your enemy uses the same deck combination. Equip your heroes with Awakening Stones, and summoners with Skill Scrolls to unlock their true potential!

Infinite challenges and benefits
Challenge yourself to climb the leaderboard and reap the rewards!

How to Play

Connect 3 or more blocks of the same color in a single move, freely in any direction!
Match as many blocks as possible to summon stronger heroes!
Unleash each hero’s unique skills by linking skill blocks!
Equip your heroes with exclusive Awakening Stones to gain bonus buffs!
Equip your summoners with exclusively rare Skill Scrolls to experience unprecedented battles!
Design the most powerful decks by considering the synergies between heroes and summoners’ skills!
Claim victory by designing delicate strategies to steal your opponent’s heroes and skill blocks!
Upgrade your cards by color to increase the color power of your favorite hero!

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Customer Support
In App: League – Settings – Info – Support
Email: summonersleague[at]

Summoners League is a free-to-play game, but optional in-game items require additional payment.
Highly recommend playing while your internet connection is stable.

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Summoners League user reviews :

Fun but frustrating at the same time. Irritating if the first power up given automatically to the opponent at first turn need to improve that because if don’t players always lose the first turn. Second ads heavy games need to play watch ads. It got me thinking your intentionally doing that so they loss so they will watch ads auto loss means many players may quit

Cant find the opponent onaster level 3200 so it’s humble request to developer that u have to solve the issue we love to play the game but how if it’s make bug i hope the delevoper will solve out this issue soon otherwise many people will run coz they can’t play than why anybody will stay here it’s advice to u if u wajt to continue grow up with this game u should have to fix the issue thanks

  • Dear Summoner! With the latest patch released on April 11th, coinciding with the new summoner update, we have introduced a new battle type: “AI duels in the Master League”. This addition ensures players can now consistently find matches in the Master League. Should the matchmaking problem persist, please let us know. Thank you very much.

I can’t find opponent at masters league 3200. I am hoping that developers will create arcade mode so that if players can’t find opponent they can play another mode. Also I noticed that Players are leaving the game. Actually game is awesome creating good strategy. Fair play. But it needs more attention for the developers for more people engage or play summoners league.

Way too many ads to earn cards, gold and get to play. In the end you expend more time watching ads than playing. Gave 2 stars because the game is actually good, but the amount of ads to watch is just a waste of time.

i like this game. so addicting and my type of realtime strat against people but the problem is on high rank or maybe on low ranks.. i encounter a bug that hack players can used power up and can merge crystals scattered on his/her deck.. so unfair.. hope you fix this people. such shame experience..

Nice gamez … I like it … But i don’t no this apps pay or not … Still on trial … If you don’t pay once there’s no problem because this gamez is so much fun Still on trial … If you don’t pay once there’s no problem because this gamez is so fun for me

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