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[Game] Emma Mansion

Emma MansionEver experienced a beautiful love story, like a sitcom, while trying to solve fun and challenging puzzles and matching items? Well, here is that love story. Download Emma’s Mansion now and rebuild Primrose Mansion in 50 days unless… well, let’s not spoil the fun and the story yet.

Renovate: Become the talented architect Emma Bronte, decorate and rebuild Primrose Mansion as well as you can, and share your adventures with your friends. Find hidden areas and discover their secrets along the way.

Match: Emma’s Mansion is a Match-3 game in which you match similar items, get points and rewards, fuse abilities, and use new mechanics to show the world that you’re worthy of what you do and what you’ve got: a mansion filled with secrets and valuables.

Story: Take on a compelling story in different colorful levels, and solve dozens of mysteries hidden in the mansion. Emma’s Mansion is all about love and life and, of course, exciting puzzles. You fix the mansion day by day by going through various puzzles. Alongside that, you become a part of one great love story told by interesting, charming characters like Jesse, Rosita, and other people of Greenspring.

Friends and Events: Make friends and participate in various events to share your journey and win exclusive prizes. Are you ready? Let’s go!

We keep updating Emma’s Mansion and adding new levels while expanding on its story and characters. So stay tuned and if you enjoyed your time in Emma’s Mansion, let us know by your review and your comments.

Emma Mansion user reviews :

I LIKE THIS GAME. In the begining i made purchases. The problem is. After playing my other games its like going from 60mph to 5mph. Everything goes in slow motion Bombs , rockets , switching tasks, etc. I kept playing hoping things would speed up. Its a good story line and graphics. It dont. Its just a very slow action game. I need my games, power ups to move on quickley. I game on the run. I have no patience/time for this. To bad really. I was willing to invest in this app $$$$$$

Win first five or six times, then match 3 doesn’t give enough chances to win. Spending money when there’s no way to win, is not something I invest in. In the decorations, you spend points, for things that makes you wonder, if it is another way to get me to spend money.

I loved this game until the March 1st update that was supposed to fix bug issues and other issues. Now it will not load, I have lost all my progress after months of playing.

Played similar games like this before. Why three stars? Ads. I know they’re for publicity and all that, but I hope that they don’t show up every turn. I was wrong (2nd review)! After reviewing this 15 minutes ago, I was brought into this review after it seemed like it was going to crash. Third time will be the last!

  • Hi Jon! Thank you for taking the time to share your review! Your feedback has been passed on to the development team. Have a great day!

Come on developers you have a good concept here.I do like the game, yes it does get harder. Please fix it so I can watch the videos & get extra coins. This latest update didn’t fix the video problem.So many times I’m sure those extra coins would have helped, I’ll stay with it a while but not for too long, if not fixed soon I’ll be uninstalling. Wow, that was quick. Thanks developers now the videos are working, such a quick response. Now it’s a great game.

  • Hi Gail! Please try to watch an ad again! It should be fixed by now. Let us know if you still have a problem watching an ad. Thank you and have a nice day!

Very good game levels not hard to win no annoying adverts five out of five

It’s ok didn’t like the little thing where you had to do like the soccer game room or makeover it was kind of corny but I just like to play games for the most part and you can play it offline so it is what it is

  • Hi Stacey, and thanks for sharing your thoughts. We shall certainly take your suggestion into account. Have a nice day!

I’ve only been playing the game for a couple of hours and I love it already, the graphics n story line are great too.

I love this game ah lot but I have some issues with it. No.1 I cannot get through with the wheel and with ah team and No. 2 not enough moves. But other than that everything okk

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