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[Game] Mergington Town

Mergington TownTravel on an adventure to the big islands to discover the lost lands, build your dream town, make friends with heroes of different professions, and unite all areas of this fantastic world.

Now, it has become even easier to build your city. Just merge the identical objects and see how fast your city is growing. It is not so difficult to build a gigantic skyscraper anymore.

Matching and combining 3 or more items causes the evolution of each of them. Merge population buildings so that they become higher, and your city develops.

Find the best ways to match and merge various pieces to erect the biggest factories and collect the most fruitful plants!

Combining a puzzle game with a city builder game, Merginton Town is a relaxing and addictive new free game that will give you unforgettable gameplay.

Disperse the fog and get down to business. Fantastic adventures are ahead!
The game features:

Harvest various crops and later process them at your factories!
Unlock friendly heroes with individual characters!
Mine various resources to build!
Discover new land and clearing areas for the construction site!
Complete tasks and get treasures
Drag objects and organize your game board so that your city looks perfect
Journey and unlock new island

Download now, and design your city of dreams!

Mergington Town user reviews :

It’s a great game with great potential. However, it does have alot of freeze issues. My biggest complaint is that I’ve been stuck on level 11 for over a week with my experience points full enough to open level 12. I thought maybe I needed to complete a certain task as well so I tried clearing the task board. With all the experience I’ve accumulated trying to clear the tasks, I should probably be on level 13 or even 14 by now. Please fix so I can advance. Thanks

  • Dear William, thank you for taking time to leave feedback. We’ll forward your comments to the developers. They will fix everything in the future updates

I’m at level 21 but cannot seem to go any further. Is this the last level? This is one of my favorite games.

I liked this game at first, had gotten to level 7 and was building the bakery. It froze, went out and when I tried to reopen it froze at 55% loading. Uninstalled and reinstalled and lost everything. Got to same spot in game and BAM! Froze again and freezes at 55% opening. I thought it was my tablet, loaded on my phone and got same result same place as before about half way through level 7. Thank God I didn’t spend any money on this game. If it ever gets fixed and works, would go back to playing

  • Thank you very much for the information. We hope the developers will fix everything soon and you will be able to continue enjoying the game.

I think it still has bugs because it keeps coming up with no workers available when I do have one available.

Why is it so hard to get wheat? Every order is asking for wheat, or recipes that need wheat, but wheat is almost impossible to get. I have hundreds of other ingredients but can never get wheat. You have to keep making thousands of houses, but can’t make the recipes to get houses. Watching ads doesn’t work, the game just crashes.

  • Please tell us, how many players have open heroes. Do you lose wheat from flying bonuses? And what kind of advertising are you talking about. To update the recipe?

I love love the game. In part because of the sound and vibration effects. Also I find the game to be very generous. However, and this is nearly a deal breaker, moving around is extremely slow and it’s almost like running in thick mud. Please find a solution so I can continue to play.

  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

Was new to the merge games but am pleasantly surprised by this app. Can be addicted and time consuming. Still playing and becomes more and more challenging as I play. Surprises as I progress without paying $$$ on my limited budget.

  • Thanks for your love. If you have any questions, please contact us at support[at]

I really love this game. It’s relaxing and fun to play. But, what I don’t like is the inability to transfer my game to another playing source (ie phone to phone). I’ve been playing this game for quite some time. So it’s no longer freezing… I’ve had to start over on another device.

  • Hello, you can send email to support[at] We will try to help you.

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