Empire City – Become a real emperor

[Game] Empire City – Build and Conquer

Empire City Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run an entire Empire?

Now with Empire City: Build and Conquer you will be able to:

Build new beautiful cities, develop resource extraction,make your own unique culture, trade with other civilizations and make fantastic discoveries that will help you in the future.You have a chance to bring it all to life and become a real emperor with Empire City!

Ancient civilizations and their advanced construction technologies will be available to you. It will look like a real rise of empires and civilizations. Create the most unusual buildings and structures that descendants will call “Wonders of the Ancient World”. Dig canals to help your farmers, create intricate and bizarre viaducts, erect epic statues of Gods and Heroes!

You can develop not only construction, but also contact the world.Age of empires is here, make your own one! Become the most powerful kingdom in the world.
Build trade relations, diplomacy, exchange knowledge and technology with others. Become the center of the trade routes.

Expand your influence and territory. Join new lands and develop them, get even more useful resources and gain the respect of your subjects. Be a peaceful leader or a domineering tyrant – the choice is yours.
After all, the main thing is to go down in history and create the most powerful ancient city-empire!

Be the first in everything, be the best at all stages of your city’s development.
Only you influence your future, only you decide what your empire will be like!

Features of the game:

Unique development options
Choose your own way to rise your empire.
Construction of the most unusual ancient buildings
Build your own powerful kingdom.
Fantastic atmosphere of the ancient world
Get inspired by the beautiful views of your empire.
Impressive scope
Feel the greatness of your new kingdom.
Freedom of any actions and choices
Build your kingdom as you can see it.
Amazing graphics and addictive gameplay
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient world.

Empire City user reviews :

Unlike one player, I found the tutorial extremely ANNOYING and already feel like uninstalling. Try to build a road. Can I build it where I want? No. It makes you build the first one where the game wants. Why can’t I do what I want? Annoying and frustrating tutorial system. The game could be really great but when a player doesn’t even want to get past the tutorial stage, they won’t keep it installed for long.

The good: Interesting setting, roman times with decent graphics. The bad: Super sensitive controls makes doing the pretty much only gameplay loop a bad experience. (Picking up resources). Warehouse upgrades take room so it’s a storage struggle that is not fun. Why can Romans build massive structures yet no more storage facilities.. You present the player with many large buildings yet cant really make it worth its space. Last, game plays itself really. Unskippable tasks tell you what to build.

Great game….only a few things that need fixed. The messaging system doesnt work. Messages disappear after posting. The inventory space is rediculously small. The emporium needs a better selection or a search window or something instead of always being full of stuff we can fix ourself in 30 seconds. Overall a good game. Maybe ways to communicate and trade with alliance members and a way to tell if anyone is online…

  • Dear player, we’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers! Thank you for taking the time to send it to us.

Hooked from the first day. It took a little time to get used to the basics but once I did I haven’t stopped playing. The tutorial needs a little polish to help with understanding the strategy of the game. After playing a few days I’ll add that I think the Emporium could use some tweaks to make it easier and faster to see more trades. Maybe adding trading to the alliance threads would spice up the alliance also since it is pretty useless as it is. Good time burner game strategy.

  • Dear player, thank you for your feedback! If you have any issues in the game, please contact our support via your game settings, we will assist you!

GREAT GAME. Only been playing a week but only 2 complaints I have is you have to hit items many times to get it to accept it, and the inventory is ridiculously small when all the upgrade stuff takes up all the room. The upgrade items should not count as part of the inventory…but overall a great game.

  • Dear player, thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your opinion, and we keep making the game better for you! Please tell us your ideas at support.empire.en[at]redbrixwall.com, we will be glad to know about your wishes about the game!

Latest Update :

A brand new update!
Our developers keep working on amazing and exciting additions to the game! Keep up with the latest news!
There have also been some bug fixes, and we’ve improved game performance.
Thank you for playing Empire City!

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