TapTower – Time to raise your profitable building business

[Game] TapTower – Idle Building

TapTower  Build the highest tower and earn as much money as possible in this amazing idle tycoon game.

Do you like construction and development? Time to raise your profitable building business.

Manage cash and make decisions as a construction tycoon and with every tap your tower will improve. And it’s only for you to know how your tower will look like.

In this idle builder game you will manage many things as in an ordinary construction site.
Decide what parts to buy for your tower building.
Distribute cash and choose what materials to use in the construction.
Accept the challenge for a true capitalist and tycoon. Make your tower the best building in the city!

You definitely will enjoy this idle construction and tycoon game, because here you can build something fantastic. It’s not like other city builder games. There are no more strict forms of buildings or restrictions. Each floor of your tower can have its own design. It can be anything: castle, mansion of bat, stone fortress, giant fairy tree, sand castle or even a space station. Wide scope to show your talent as a construction tycoon!

Your tower is not only for ordinary people. Even dragons or superheroes want to live here. It means that you will work without a strict framework of building. Creating your own design as simple as it sounds with idle clicker gameplay: buy a piece of building materials with one tap, check out how it looks on the walls of your high-rise tower. Special X-ray mode will help you with this: you can hide everything you don’t need at the moment. After the completion of the floor building, you can see how it is inhabited by residents and feel that your work is not in vain. It’s so cool to be not just a foreman, but the all idle construction tycoon, isn’t it? We make updates with new amazing floors regularly, so you can enjoy the idle building process endlessly. Various improvements will help you build faster and improve your click effect.

Create buildings that cannot be built in the ordinary world and discover references to popular culture in them. Build up your amazing business! Immerse yourself in the creation process, make a wonderful construction and become the richest tycoon in this building idle game.

TapTower user reviews :

Before the most recent update the game was actually pretty cool. But now everything costs way too many gems. Even getting a x3 offline reward now costs 80 instead of 10. Basically pushing for the ‘pay to win’ module since there’s no way you can get that many gems without either watching a LOT of ads or paying for them with real money. Disappointing. Used to play every day, now I don’t think I’ll be playing nearly as often.
  • Hello, Kyle! Thanks for the feedback. Now we are making a lot of experiments to find ways to make the game better. We are sorry that you didn’t like the latest update. We will forward your comments to the development team. Hope you stay with us.

This game is good, it deserves atleast 3-5 stars, there are many towers, and theyre easy to do, it’s also very satisfying! Please stop complaining about ads, you can always turn off your mobile data AND disconnect from any wifi your using. Without wifi/data games cannot give you ads and you can play freely for hours!!

I’ve played this game for a couple weeks and have enjoyed it. I see the gem reward after adds has increased from 10 to 30. But, I don’t like the hour wait to upgrade the tap amount. I am currently on 60/180. And I get through a level quicker than waiting an hour at a time to upgrade. If this could be decreased to 15/10 minutes. This would be perfect. I’ve watched plenty of ads. But I don’t want to watch 120 to get to my current maximum level on the upgrades! Love the game, just need some tweaks

The game itself is unique and addicting however its sadly ruined by the many ads that are forced into your face just by switching menus. If you are going to charge for microtransactions then at least allow people to pay to stop seeing ads like most other games. Much of the game is all walled behind ads, want to upgrade your money per tap? Ad. Want to increase your total % of revenue? Ad. Want to just switch menus to buy upgrades? Ad. Not worth the time to play, sadly only 2 stars for the game.
  • Hi, Grassy! Thanks for your review. We are sorry about ads and we are going to add an option to turn off the ads via in-app purchase. Please stay tuned.

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