Emsisoft Mobile Security – Solid protection from malware is vital

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Emsisoft Mobile SecurityEmsisoft Mobile Security: The ultimate mobile security solution for Android devices.

Online threats increasingly target mobile devices. Solid protection from malware is vital. Free to download, Emsisoft Mobile Security focuses on maximum protection with minimal battery impact to give you a safer and more informed Android experience.


Malware Scanner: Scans all stored files on your Android device for malware infections.
Web Security: Real time protection blocks malicious apps and phishing attempts.
Anti-Theft: Lock, track and wipe your device remotely when stolen or lost.
Account Privacy (NEW): Verifies if your email account has been leaked
App Lock: Secure your most personal apps via PIN or using your finger.
Privacy Advisor: Performs privacy audit on installed apps.
Android Wear (NEW): Locate your phone and receive alerts on your Android watch.

Get your FREE version now and trial Emsisoft’s ultimate Android protection for 30 days. After your trial ends, purchase a license at www.emsisoft.com.


This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
This app uses Accessibility services.

Emsisoft Mobile Security user reviews :

An exceptional piece of software. We use their Business Security on our own in-house systems and for our Managed Services clients. Detects threats that a lot of the competition “bigger” brands simply miss. The behavioural scanner is especially effective in blocking threats that try to sneak in via your temporary folders or the browser. 10/10 – would recommend it to everyone.

Never had a virus on either android or Win10, anything troublesome has always been detected. My biggest problem has been the renewal process every year, but stellar customer support has always walked me through these past four yearly renewals.

Functionally it’s almost identical to Bitdefender. The only difference is that Emsi doesn’t nag You to use a VPN which is good. The only drawback is that You can’t buy one licence for both PC and mobile.

Been using this for my PC so as well in my phone also! Trusted and reliable protection and excellent customer service too! Hope that they are working for dark mode interface.

  • Thank you for your feedback, Jethro! A dark mode option may be considered for future development.

Great antivirus app. All the protection without the bloat. Does not drain battery. No slow downs. Can’t even tell it’s working until it stops you from going to malicious site.

I’m pretty confident that this is the best security measure I’ve taken. I’ve scanned my system a number of times I never found anything that Emsisoft allowed to pass.

So… Why can’t I purchase premium on the app? The security is the best for PC and phone… But not having a purchase section built into the app is just backwards thinking. I would have given 5 stars but emsisoft messed up big time.

That’s something that may be adde in the future. thank you for your review!

Carbon copy of bitdefender app? Except on bitdefender I can actually login, here I only have an option to login with Gmail. But my Emsisoft account was not registered with a Gmail so i can’t use my account on my phone.

Excellent protection with minimum fuss. Great on PC and on cell phone. One caution: getting logged into Emsi website after registering can repeatedly occur.

  • Thank you for your review!

Have been looking for a good quality antimalware app for android for a long time…Hands down the best is Emsisoft none of the other famous antiviruses were able to as effective as this one.

It’s just a knockoff of bitdefender but with less protection and less features. Good protection but costs more for less.

  • A fully licensed one actually. The only difference in features should be in the website itself, having to do with renewing. What else is missing from a features point of view? Protection should be identical. Feel free to email support@emsisoft.com. I’d be interested in your feedback.

Free of charge & very Powerful in Protection. Hey Developper, You Rock * Thank you soo Much ***** Is it NORTON Mobile Security Alternative? Looks pretty much the Same

the scanning of device banner is annoying, disturbing, feels sorry, can’t use this,, ……, to uninstall, use ur system’s app info’s, or maybe app sections in configuration, “then deactivate and uninstall”,…

I have been using it for a year. Excellent orotection. Vety good petsonalized after sales service.

Contact developer :


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