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[Game] Endless Grades – Pixel Saga

Endless GradesSuper High SSR Pull Rates
Tame and evolve the ancient monsters
Smash mines to gather resource and treasures
Free 1000 Gacha Giveaway, Numerous Treasure Chests to Open

Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of classic pixelated atmosphere with a relaxed and leisurely gameplay!

Collect Unique Characters
Gather a diverse cast of pixel knights and evolve them to unleash their full potential.

Build Team Strategically
The best weapon you can wield is your strategy. If you can’t pass a certain stage, rearranging your lineup usually leads to a surprising result.

Dig Precious Minerals
Meticulous planning is the key to success. Which trail is the best way? Pickaxe, Bomb, Impact Drill…when is the best time to use different tools?

Tame, Feed and Evolve
Assemble a well-trained team consisting of both cute and fierce ancient monsters and lead them to victory.

Connect and Battle
Test your skills against global players in the arena while sharing your tales & stories in the tavern.

Reconnect with memories, create your own legends. Begin your adventure now!

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Endless Grades user reviews :

First off, I absolutely love the artstyle. It’s really charming. And the character designs are also great as well, both the playable characters and the enemies. But the major downsides are, the only things that can be considered as “gameplay” are collecting all the rewards players easily get just by being afk, the gacha aspect, and upgrading the character. The characters you get from the gacha, there’s limited to what you can do. And unfortunately, there’s little to no story so far.

  • Dear adventurer, we will continue to add new content and gameplay, but this will take some time. Thank you for your support.

Honestly had a fun time playing this for a while. I think the game needs to focus on a way of involving strategy. There’s lots of times where I’d when I fight if I could turn off auto battle and decide (classic rpg style) who to attack. Or if my healing units didn’t just heal when we are full hp and I can choose to use specials. It would make this game a stellar game with strategy and some though. As of right now as much fun as it is it just feels incomplete and I can’t justify spending money.

There doesn’t seem to be any plot or storyline, players are just thrown into neverending idle battles, boss battles, etc. I’ve been playing for several hours and this game is quite okay to kill some time. Can’t really get into it since there’s no story though… The battles are also automatic and the only thing the players could do to influence the battle results are upgrades and switching party members. Entertaining, but if you’re looking for an immersive game, I don’t think this one’s for you.

It freezes up too much after watching ads, playing for more than five minutes, or doing pulls without turning off the animations. I don’t particularly find having to hard-reset the device in order to close the locked-up game in order to close it out exactly entertaining. Played for about two hours worth, and that’s enough for me.

It’s super addictive and does not cost you a thing unless you are truly impatient. Character designs are amazing, and boss monsters, while repetitive, are still gorgeous to look at. It is great for people who like to micromanage and delve deep into stats and tactical pros and cons. There are loads to do. I love games with tons of characters to recruit, and I would love it if more characters were added down the line, but I’m definitely not complaining about the assortment available currently.

Only been playing a few days but so far it is pretty solid. The art is charming, gameplay is easy, and the music is relaxing. Current gripes are the 6 hour max offline rewards. 12 hours should be the norm without a monthly card, no one wants to log in 4 times a day. Also, why can’t I change my profile image to any of the characters I own? Lastly some of the character profile images are low resolution and it just looks bad.

I’m liking it so far. The maximum afk timer needs to be longer or at least upgradeable; 6 hours is way too short. A permanent ad removal pack would be wonderful… I know making it a subscription is more profitable, but for a set price, not even tens of thousands of ad plays would make up for something paid upfront, plus a subscription for something that has limited daily uses such as ads doesn’t sit well with me.

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