Tales of Neverland – Experience the new story of the Neverland

[Game] Tales of Neverland

Tales of NeverlandExperience the return of a unique and nostalgic fairy tale-themed RPG game with a heartwarming new story on the Neverland. You will play as the hero who saves the world, embarking on an adventure with capable companions, defeating the Dark Queen together, and bringing light and hope to the world!

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Start a brand new chapter in the classic story series.
Continuing the classic fairy tale game style, deeply restoring the classic side-scrolling gameplay. Explore and treasure hunt with your companions, experience the new story of the Neverland, and rediscover the joy of the past.

Heroes unite! Multiple classes to play all at once.
VIP12 will be given for free upon launch, unlocking more class restrictions simply by leveling up and defeating monsters. Customize and upgrade your weapons and equipment, satisfying your desire for playing all classes in one go.

Unique and beautiful styles like no others.
The game features an AVATAR dressing system with up to 11 components, allowing you to freely mix and match outfits from head to toe. In this beautiful Neverland, you won’t find the same look twice.

Summon spirits to battle together.
Cute and agile spirits are scattered in every corner of the Neverland. Tame and collect powerful spirits, cultivate rarer species, and they will lend you a hand in your adventurous journey.

Tales of Neverland user reviews :

Pay to win garbage can’t do a quest in the main line because it requires you to do an event what starts a certain times no option to do them beforehand so you get stuck everything is locked behind some type of pay wall seems like want something to help boost exp got to pay for it that type of stuff so if your f2p i wouldnt consider this game they also have where you have to use other characters so building up 3 without having to pay will be impossible

I’m not sure if it’s part of the game or a glitch. I started with a already customized character with a selected class. I never got the chance to create my own character. What’s up with that. Also there is a lot going on all at once. Your pretty much just tap away as the plays itself.

I been playing since its release and it’s a good game. The graphics is so cute and I love the maplestory feeling. My biggest love is the customizations in the game, like 11 different things u can customize. The grind aspect is definitely there with many things to do. I don’t love the overpriced aspect of things however…VIP is free!! And they provide alot of free stuff for f2p players. The other downside is I wish chat had a global chat where all servers can say hi and chat.

Almost a Maple story clone with less cosmetics and options. Only gives you 30min to buy first buy package and then never again. Also auto creates character and picks name for you. You’re stuck with how it looks unless $$$

Good game Actually i love the game easy to play . Fast level easy to get powerfull items and also great costume .hopefully next your gift code will be a costume .

It’s fun, easygoing, and has a cute storyline. You earn vip through completing missions, so the game so far is great and awesome.

Loving it so far feels like you know which game without the crazed hassle, loved that grind when younger no time for it now and this streamlines a lot of that while still being the fun and productive kind of grind

guild rewards should not be purchased by the players atleast give it to them since they fought for it y’all are being too greedy + the escort is so annoying it makes us delay our grinding

Gave me nostalgic vibes, grinding gear, pvp and guild interactions. Love it

Only been playing a little and already love it more than enough, thanks!

Great game more things can be adjusted we will see in time

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