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[Game] Endless Run – Jungle Escape

Endless RunEndless Run: Jungle Escape is an running game with various levels design.. The main goal- complete missions and assend score multiplier, adding varieties of scenes and crafty level obstacles.

Discover relic! Adventurer dash in mysterious tunnel to challenge varieties of dangerous traps and complex jungle obstacles. Can you escape to survive and become the hero of protecting relics?

Classic Running Game
One handed operation; jump and glide, run in right and left to avoid obstacles!
Blaze, Rolling balls, Pendulum and many kinds of crafty difficulty design- Explore mysteries, Survive through dangers!
Terrains of tunnels, mines and forests are perfectly integrated; Challenge rich scenes!
Use Sprint, Shield, Magnets and other power ups to help you avoid barriers!
Raise react and judge ability; Faster speed comes higher operation demand!

Increase score multiple and equipment skills
Complete missions, increase score multiples!
Collect treasure chests, get more pieces and unlock new roles!
Upgrade props, equip the skills, PK global players!

3D Art Design
3D art design, enjoy the visual feast!
Real and vivid character model!
HD quality and exciting sound effect, experience superb running!

Features of Endless Run Jungle Escape:
Tunnel Level, classic designed
Twenty-two main roles- Free to choose
Prop upgrades, equip role skills
Tasks completed, increase score multiples
Dual handle operation, Integrate road switch and turn gravity play
Upload real scores, versus global players

Endless Run Jungle Escape is now beginning, choose your favorite character, equip new skills to experience excited running game! Welcome to join our Facebook Homepage : https://www.facebook.com/EndlessRun.JungleEscape

Endless Run user reviews :

It’s OK and you can also play it offline I thank the creator of the game

I was enjoying the game untill I reach at level 31 and I can’t go further nor play anymore. Each time I start the gate, it seems there is a scratch and everything is pulse . I try all I could but no way and even updated the gate still no improvement and equally it stops every time and freeze as well which affects my phone negatively. I think am left with no choice than to uninstall it

  • Dear, Thank you very much for rating our game and leaving your feedback. We have fixed and optimized the game for some updates from that time. Hope you can have fun on the run if you are willing to update it to play. Any issues with the game, please contact us via zoey.wangdi@gmail.com. Have happy holidays!

I loved it til the latest update came out. If you have a full boost power-up and use it whenever you enter the rock climb or waterfall you WILL lose the speed invincible boost. Also runner sticks a lot in the rock climb and won’t move to right or left to dodge rocks and obstacles. Please fix this..

  • Dear Amy, so sorry that some feature of this game brought you inconvenience. In the climbing level, some designs and operation have been optimized in the new version, and we will continue to improve it to give you better experience. Any problems, welcome to leave message to our facebook. Hope you can give mire stars review to support us! Have fun!

Game is amazing. The controls are smooth and responive. The obstacles are very epic and cool. The concept of it is nice as well. I think everything about this game is great. Absolutely love this. Good job guys, keep it up.

Very good game. Easy controls and user friendly. But I gave it three stars because, once I had unlocked the forest level, but when I opened the game next day, then it was again back to beginning level.

  • Dear Pranati, We really want to know how this problem happened, would you love to tell us more so we can know how to fix it. Welcome to provide more details via email or follow our facebook to leave your message. Hope you give us more stars, have fun!

I rated it three because it is too hard to run in forest. Especially when Internet is turned on ,and while playing when internet is on the controls are not easy. And internet is also needed for “free save me”.

  • Dear runner, we’d like you to update to the latest version that we have adjusted it. Our game need to connect internet, or you will lost more functions. If you still have question, contact us via zoey.wangdi@gmail.com. Hope you give 5 stars, we will give you best experiences, Thanks!

I just downloaded this game earlier this afternoon. I absolutely love the graphics, and the ease , at which the character moves. It doesn’t feel glitchy. So far, great game!!

I like this game but i give 3 stars because during game ads always showed up in above even Im playing offline it’s very annoying. And sometimes the control is so bad. I need move left or right 2 times so character can move

This app is fun although I don’t like the ads though there’s very much but on my phone they’re really not much of them but this game is really cool though But it’s also sometimes annoying with the odds they’re really annoying but when I’m like very like almost close to the end and then I die and I have to start all over again

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