Tile Frenzy – Exercise your logical thinking and memory

[Game] Tile Frenzy – Triple Crush

Tile FrenzyTile Frenzy is a simple yet challenging tile master classic triple matching puzzle game.

This tiledom game is suitable for entertaining, relaxing after stressful studying and working hours with tons of challenging well-designed levels. You just have to tap on the tiles and match the block tiles to placed in the box to blast them, you can pass the current level when all tiles are matched. Tile Frenzy is the combination of the classic match 3 and mahjong which will surely bring you enough brain teasers and gradually lead you relaxing and entertainments.

Tap on the same tiles on the puzzle board and place into the box to eliminate them. When all the overlapping tiles are removed, the game wins. It is a simple and easy rule but if you have more than seven tiles on the box, the game will fail. Achieve the target as fast as possible to get higher scores and gain more stars. you should be crazy and tap to match tiles quickly.
Each tile board is different and varies from one to the next to choose. Match a pairs of kitchen equipment or kitchenware like as cups, broiler, oven gloves, tray, frying pan, whisk, etc and clear all tiles of the layouts to win.
Much levels with daily update. Different levels of difficulty will meet your needs. We give this game a different flair for every level you play. Each level has no limit time, tap on matching tiles to clear it and unlock new maps one by one. You could use hint to find matching tiles or undo the tile from the box when you getting stuck. Let’s successfully pass the level to get rewards.

Unlimited gameplay, interesting puzzle game with simple rules for all ages.
So many styles of cute tiles: Fruit , Kitchen, cooking, cake, vegetables , tasty desserts …
30 + skins and themes: Woods, Beaches, Jungle, Water Drop, Sky, Sea, Mountains, Forest, … Unlocked by Stage!
Use Hint, shuffle, undo items and powerful boosters to help you beat levels.
Challenge interesting levels, collect more stars, and unlock more stages.
Play OFFLINE/FREE anytime, anywhere either on your phone or tablet!
Most vivid game effect and interesting sound
It is easy to use relaxing and has great graphics

Train your brain, exercise your logical thinking and memory. It is the best time killer for you! Tile Frenzy will improve your problem-solving skills. Have fun while sharpening your brain. This puzzle game will be your next brain teaser.

Challenge your brain and solve the triple match puzzles for free now!

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Tile Frenzy user reviews :

I really like this game quite a bit! Graphics, music, and gameplay are all superb! So why only 4 stars? There are only 3 tile sets to choose from, and it doesn’t seem like you can earn any additional ones. Even the thumbnail has a tile set that doesn’t appear to be available. If more tile sets could be earned (like the backgrounds, which are beautiful!), then game becomes 5 + stars!!

  • Thank you for playing our game. About your advice, we’d like to discuss it with you from the in-game service. Your great experience will always be the first thing to work for.

Hardly any rewards given and you are quite often faced with a puzzle that is impossible to get without using rewards (if u have any) or have to buy coins. I liked it at first now it’s just annoying and frustrating so I’m uninstalling it.

  • Hi, thank you for playing our game. Since the puzzle is random every time, so sometimes it is a little hard to solve. Maybe you want to try a few times. Your advice will also be delivered to our relevant dept.

Cute graphics but too many ads bothering me, and pretty long, around 30 secs/ad. Uninstalling.

  • Hi. Thank you for playing the game. Selling ads is a key profit way for a free game, which allows us to keep on developing and improving the game. We also will contact the relevant department to balance the ads.

I love thia game because it helps with your brain to keep it on the right track and place that it needs to be strong brain less pain when you are using your brain to think with i can’t thank y’all either for making this game for helping with the Brain team i just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it job so so well done

It I can play the games that pop up and not disappear when try and pull them up . Like some of the games but not all that is showed .

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