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EnhanceFoxEnhanceFox is photo & video quality enhancer that can enhance photo & video to high quality using AI technology.

Whether it is a single portrait photo, a group portrait photo, a landscape photo or an anime picture, EnhanceFox can unblur photo & unblur video with one tap. Photo & video resolution up to 4K!

You may not know that EnhanceFox has more than 10 million users and has enhanced more than 20 million pictures, so that the memory of these users is no longer blurred! So, with EnhanceFox, you will have the following features:

Clear photo, make your photo clearer and brighter.
Sharpen image, remove all noise from the image.
Photo clarity, mejorar fotos clarity and photo resolution.
Photo enhance, including photo deblur, photo sharpen.
Video upscale, enhance video quality from low quality to high quality.
Remini video, enjoy high-definition video even on poorer phones.

Our aim is to clear picture and clear video to make all users’ picture clearer, and users can get most satisfactory results with one click. All image clearer than the original.

Dear users, no one is perfect, you may encounter some problems in the process of using EnhanceFox, please rest assured that user experience is always our first priority, we will listen to your opinions humbly and help you solve them question. Thank you for your understanding! If you need any help, please contact us via risingcabbage[at]163.com.

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EnhanceFox user reviews :

I blatantly refuse to use any other app for enhancing my images. And I use this app A LOT! This is one of the few apps I have no problem investing in. Keep up the great work

It’s pretty good I guess. I was really only looking for an AI Superesolution app without the apparent adjustments to lighting, color, contrast etc., but this does an alright job *Edit After further use I’m knocking it down to one star. I want something that can make a photo more clear and of higher resolution. Not something that will completely change stark brown eyes to frosty blue. How is that considered “enhancement”? Why is it so hard to find a simple superresolution app?

  • Thanks for your feedback. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us at risingcabbage[at]163.com.

Wow…just WOW! I was taken completely by surprise by the results I got using this app. After trying other apps in the same market (AI-enhanced photo editing), and bring utterly disappointed, I can honestly say I’m very pleasantly surprised by the images that were output. And while the initial results are good, it was after I tweaked the results that really nailed it. Only used demo, but going to check the price now for the full version. Fingers crossed…

When I was using the app, I had picked a blurry image of Park Sung-Hoon (from Enhypen). The image wasn’t that blurry. I used the “portrait” one and it like very weird. It looked like a drawing. I then tried the “basic” one. It looked like it had a lot of big pixel s and it looked TOO smooth. I decided to try the photos that we can try to see what it looks like. I was clicking “basic” and “portrait” back and forth to see it looked COMPLETELY different. It might work for you but not for me.

  • Thank you for your feedback. EnhanceFox will be able to serve you better when importing low resolution, blurry images of portrait. As for the dis-satisfactory effect you mentioned, we are trying our best to improve in order to make EnhanceFox better and better. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

The only real complaint as to the functionality is that there is no brightness or exposure or anything like that, which is quite necessary when restoring most photos. Correct me if I am missing it somewhere? I take that back; I forgot that if I do not pick a photo to edit in maybe 5 or 10 seconds, it boots me back out to the menu. That may make me delete it.

Compared to other AI-enhancing video/photo apps, this one stands out as the best. I had a very old picture taken by an old phone, and after 7 years I finally decided to somehow enhance the photo so it would turn out professional. It came out fantastic, even though I used the free version. The ads don’t bother, and, overall, there is so much more in here. The only con I noticed that glasses, I guess, aren’t seen by AI and it kinda looks derpy. Otherwise, I definitely recommend! uwu

Images are coming out great on and working. I had very old photos taken 30 years back and scanned copy which was so blurry but enhancefox made it very clear and love to view. Still it does require additional processing to correct color, depth of field, contrast and color correction to suite your need. Made it 4 star as it works best with close up portraits, some times pictures looks weird after enhancement. Also, photos size is getting smaller after enhancement

  • Hello. Photos that are too blurry may not be enhanced well. The enhanced photo may become smaller because the resolution of the image you input is too large. Due to performance reasons, the image becomes smaller after processing, but the clarity is improved.

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