Eroica – In search of fate and truth

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EroicaMore than just an adventure in search of fate and truth! Heartfelt Collectible Anime RPG, Eroica

Sei is from another world who doesn’t even remember his past.
He has unrevealed power and some seek to seize it… Where is fate leading him?

Capturing Adventure
Breathtaking SF + Fantasy story through large-scale playfield
A remarkable adventure play by train that stimulates your curiosity with striking stories

Japanese Anime Style Graphics
Beautiful 2D animated skill cut-scenes fulfilling JRPG nostalgia
Immersive 3D cinematic visuals and gameplay

Fascinating Characters
Over 40 irresistible characters each with unique background stories and personalities
Charming anime illustrations embellished with incredible character voices

Gather your Dream Crew
Collect and build your own best team to increase the team’s chemistry and win against challenges
From Arkham to Goldentor crew members, collect your finest players throughout the journey

Strategic Combat based on Skills
Experience exhilarating fun through strategic RPG featuring Turn-based Combat System
Battle using diverse strategies based on hero’s skills and by collecting & combining heroes

PLEASE NOTE! Eroica is completely free to download and play but some game items may be purchased for real money.
To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
A network conneciton is required in order to play and Wi-Fi connection is recommended for the best experience.

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Eroica user reviews :

Great art and music. Great 3D animation and designs all around. Really fits the atmosphere they are trying to show from the games identity. The requirements are a bit high though. This in turn bring a few glitches to the game. Such as a double screen after loading from the cafe. As well as, freezing on some story progression. Please fix this if possible.

I highly recommend this game. It occasionally lags, but not enough to detract from the enjoyment of playing. The storyline and character development have been engaging enough to hold my interest thus far, and the graphics are almost console worthy. I’ve tried more uninspired app games than I can count, but Eroica just might be a keeper. I look forward to experiencing the evolution of this gem.

Game is great after fixing some issue but there are still bugs needed to fix. Especially with skills, for example you have guardian sei who aura of courage that doesn’t heal. Then you have petrification that activates as a debuff but then you can’t do any damage to your enemies. Literally lose because the amount of turn goes to 0. Will change review after they check out most of the heroes skills that are having bugs in them.

  • Please note that our server is currently under maintenance. We suggest that you contact our Customer Support if you continue to experience technical-related issues after the maintenance. Here is the link for your convenience: Thank you.

Great game so far! One of the better ones that I’ve played with a perfect balance of everything including drop rates and prices. If I could ask for one change though it’d be not to ask to increase inventory space and to have us do it via the backpack screen ; I accidentally used like 60 paid gems due to this.

Ok now that it’s running smooth, this is a nice change up on a hero squad game. The 3d sidescrolling level design is way better than just watching an icon move from dot to dot. Sure the character models are heavy on fan service, but the voices and personalities are pleasent. It’s not just cliche cringe. I like how the ship can assist. Overall this game feels like if Nintendo was to release a hero squad Starfox game.

  • Please note, Marcus, that our server is currently under maintenance. We suggest that you contact our Customer Support if you continue to experience technical-related issues after the maintenance. Here is the link for your convenience: Thank you.

Hi devs, I would to propose a feedback. Would you mind lowering the intensity or the requirements for us especially some of us like me, has a low quality phone so even if I change it to Normal quality in the game, it’s still reeks of lags, crashes, and slowness. However when it changed to low quality, the speed is good and no problem at all at the system but the graphics is low, it’s feels like you can’t read any words. Hoping you can improve it for our happiness and your efforts to paid off.

  • Thank you for your review, Jericho. Rest assured that we have taken note of feedback such as yours. The performance of the game is a priority for us and something we will continue to optimize. You may also contact us at if you have more or other in-game inquiries or concerns.

This game has a will written and well presented story unlike so many others. The character renders are clean and appealing and the combat system is pretty fun. That said, as expected of a new release, there are some bugs and optimization issues. Hopefully these issues get addressed soon.

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