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[Game] Legend of Slime – Idle RPG

Legend of SlimeBad humans have invaded the peaceful monster forest!

Begin your adventure as a brave Slime and bring peace to the monster forest.

Do not let any human survive: defeat all humans and grind their belongings.

Upgrade your Slime infinitely: Gear up, unlock mighty skills, and become the most fearful creature.

Time for vengeance: Be a bad Slime and raid on human villages, loot wagons full of gold, and make them your loyal minions.

Time for mining: Mine rocks and find valuable treasures.

Collect companions: Fight with a egg-throwing chicken, or a snail companion to slow down the enemies. And of course, we have a cat.

Idle Reward: Collect idle gold and items, even when offline. Come back when you want to slack off, or during your short toilet break. You won’t miss anything.

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Legend of Slime user reviews :

Neat little game, smooth and beautiful. And there’s space for many content. About the bugs that occured, I had some too, but a quick bug report to them, and they already fix it, and I think this is important too. To give and received feedback when something go wrong, to help to evolve and stabilize the game :) keep it up!

So to level up the slime, you have to mine for it. The problem is that you reach a point where you can do nothing but wait for the ads to be watched again, but that’s it. If the time for each pickaxe gained could be shortened or something, or let us watch more ads for more stuff, or both, that would be heckin aweseom

The game is so cute, I really love the design. Gameplay is a lot of fun, but the amount of ads is just horrible. I don’t dislike supporting the studio by watching them, but there is a limit to how much i can watch before it just becomes a nuisance. Please get rid of some ads or idk make shorter ads appear (not sure if you have a say in this). So if you don’t mind ads, I recommend this game.

Sadly your game broke during the research phase just after mining. So I stopped playing. The game is cute but progression spikes after a short while. Not sure why I’m collecting all junk gear and pets. They make you equip the strongest ones by default. There’s no real incentive or diversity to do it your own way. Lots of hand holding.

Game would be good, it looks fun it has good elements, but just after 5 minute it bombards you with things to buy for real money, items, skills, companions, battle pass, remove ads, get more gems, so annoying I had to uninstall it’s infested with microtransactions. And the super annoying hand symbol always telling you where to touch, you can’t even think for yourself, it constantly shows you what to upgrade, you can’t even turn it off. Looked promising, but it’s just another money stealing game.

It’s a pretty good game, but I literally cannot progress anymore because the research task cannot be finished. It’s literally stuck at 9 minutes and it will NOT move. It’s been like this for actual hours and I’ve upgraded and done a lot of things since then, so I just feel pretty cheaped out since I can’t get any more rewards of because of that

Amazing! Can’t get past quest 73 due to the research being abnormaly bugged, to put it clearly everything in research shows up in nine’s. To speed up you need 999999 crystals. Research timer is stoped and I can’t do anything with it. Restarting the game didn’t help and so did phone’s reset. So what can I say. This needs to be fixed, otherwise it’s unplayable.

Its a good simple rpg, without having to worry about lots of stats or other stuff, but is very pay 2 win. Also came across a bug that won’t let the research finish, its just at 9:27 and wont go past that. Edit: bug was fixed, still leaving the same stars due to above mentioned reasons.

  • Hello, we apologize for the issue caused. We resolved the issue related to the Slime Research Center with a hotfix update, so please update the game to the latest version (1.0.1). If you’re unable to check the update from the store, please go to your device’s Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store and tap ‘Clear Cache’.

ive been looking so hard so for a good game and was struggle puffin hard. so few days ago i pre registered because it popped up on my home page and already its held my attention since it came out pretty much. no ads are forced to watch which is probably the best thing. if you do choose to watch ads they fairly reward you ingame so its honestly worth here and there. although, i wish the companions had an ability that makes them unique, for options

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