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[Game] Eternal Afterlife

Eternal AfterlifeYou’ll die without a divorce.

Married to a ghost, and even with two grooms?!

There’s only one way to survive this thrilling situation!

About the game

Part of the Dream Mate series brought to you by Story Taco and Buff Studios,
Eternal Afterlife: Otome Love is modern fantasy romance game where you make the choice.
Jump into a new universe that you’ve never experienced for a thrilling and seductive love story.

Game’s story

You’ll die without a divorce.

I lose my life in an unexpected accident.
When I open my eyes, I’m in the middle of being the bride in a wedding of the spirits.
And on top of that, there are two grooms?!
But I return to the world of the living thanks to a voice that calls after me but I suddenly have two ghost husbands.
And now, deadly accidents are a part of my everyday life because the connection between the living and the dead!?

Two ghost husbands who are the complete opposite of each other and two beautiful and attractive people by my side to help me. What will my true destiny with you be after risking my life to get the divorce?

Game’s key points
A thrilling romantic story for mature players!
A strong plot with attractive character development and a unique universe that immerses you in!
Enjoy secretive and sweet dates to collect high-quality illustrations!
Design your own lobby and experience thrilling and touching episodes with the characters!
Discover the hidden ending to unlock the secret of the story!

Eternal Afterlife is for you!
For users who enjoy romantic games for females
For users who are looking for strong storylines and fun
For users who want to experience seductive moments with beings that are not human
For users who want high-quality illustrations
For users in search of hot characters
For users dying for a GL story with attractive female charcters
For users who love games from Story Taco and Buff Studios
For users who enjoyed Love Pheromone

Eternal Afterlife user reviews :

I have been playing this and I love it, so far it has a nice design and mechanics into it. I love the characters and visual effects! Only thing that disturbs is the Ad (Douple Gems) thing. When I click on it, it goes to the ad but I don’t get the rewards. Please fix this, overall this game is amazing!!

  • Hello, this is Storytaco. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. The number of ads exposed may vary depending on the connection time. We will try to deliver it to the department in charge so that it can be a more comfortable play. Thank you for your patience.

This game was something I didn’t expect! The story line is something and like the character design a lot!🤌 One thing is at the ending of the game (I kinda grind through it bec I was bored) I can only choose one path because others need unlocking so I did. When that story was done it reset the whole storyline which comes to my question, do we have to redo the story to get the other paths unlocked? But either way this game is really cool! It might be now my new obsession for the summer break!

  • Hello, Once you’ve watched all the endings, the story is reset and you’re back to Episode 1. Your character’s likability and progress will be reset, and any items you have purchased will be retained. If you want to watch other endings, you’ll need to start over from the first episode, and please note that you can only watch one ending per round.

Pretty good game! I like the character designs!  Cool game graphics! I don’t really mind collecting gems but the ads are a bit too much. When I finish one episode, the ads always pops up, please fix some bugs too! Thanks!  Edit: okay this is getting so fun, I’m really loving this! Thanks for fixing the bugs

  • Hello, this is Storytaco. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. The number of ads exposed may vary depending on the connection time. We will try to deliver it to the department in charge so that it can be a more comfortable play. Thank you for your patience.

The game is good itself, i was waiting for this ever since it was announced but there’s something i want to say. I hope there will be a button “If I’m sure that I’m willing to spend my jewels for a dialogue thing” because i accidentally spend them everytime i was proceeding the story TT

  • Hello, this is Storytaco. We appreciate your precious and caring opinion. We’ll pass your feedback along to the appropriate departments, and we’ll work to make your experience more comfortable. If you have further questions, please email us to ‘Contact us’ in the game. Thank you for your patience.

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