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[Game] Samurai Love Ballad

Samurai Love BalladGet whisked away to ancient Japan,

where YOU romance history’s most powerful samurai and mysterious ninjas.
Every choice you make has the power to change destiny; will you choose wisely?

Enter the world of the Warring States, where might and ambition will get you far.
Discover the sort of love that only happens in legends ? or in the pages of a history book. Will you go earn the heart of samurai powerful enough to conquer ancient Japan, or operate behind the scenes alongside the ninja elite?
What happens next is up to you. Fate is in your hands.

CHOOSE. Read dramatic, heartrending tales and create a love story all your own through the choices you make. Will you earn the heart of a samurai or a ninja?
Many, many characters to choose from!

DESIGN. Your heroine, your world. With a huge selection of fashion and items to suit your personal style, you can create scenes straight out of your fantasies. Craving more? Play the lottery or hit the store to expand your collection!

HANG OUT. Decorate your very own castle just the way you like. Your favorite samurai and ninja will come visit and even talk to you! Got something to share? Chat with other players about your experience.

BATTLE. Choose a side and lead your clan to victory! Compete against other players and make allies to help you rise to the top. Unlock limited edition stories and portraits as you earn the love of your samurai!

GET MORE. More romance and more excitement each time you open the app! Something new awaits you every time you log in.

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Perfect if you like:
Historical intrigue
Beautiful illustrations
Dress-up Games

Important Information:
Make sure you have a good data connection when playing the game in order to avoid data loss.
If you uninstall the application, you will lose all your in-game purchases and records (gems, items, etc.)
This app is available on Android devices that support Adobe Flash (Android 4.2 or higher is recommended.)
If the app is not available, please use your browser to access it.
We cannot accept returns, exchanges, or offer refunds on any gems or items, or Avatars purchased within the application.
For more information, please make sure to read the service terms in the application.
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Samurai Love Ballad user reviews :

Nice game, nice stories buuuuut … It’s the second time I go over same problem which is finishing a part and having the next part being the same. That means a waste of a story ticket. It’s not affecting the game’s story but it’s annoying considering one has just 5 free tickets a day. I know one can pay for more but having people do it with these kinds of things it’s not nice. I hope it’s actually just a mistake.

I like this game! You can feel its age but there’s a charm to that in my opinion. It’s strength definitely lies in its storytelling and character interactions. While there’s a lot of tropes going on, they’re enjoyable tropes. Everything feels very comfortable to read and interact with. There is a slight error where sometimes, if you click out of the app mid-story but then return to it, you might find that the music has cut off. Like it so far though!

I’ve tried a few of these types games before and after a day delete them. This one is different. The story is interesting, but what really impressed me was the amount of effort put into the app. Its not the same song on repeat like most, it changes with dialogue AND THERE’S ACTUAL VOICES for the characters. Never seen that before in other apps and it definately helps you become more submerged in the game. Good job guys.

I think, this is one of the best games of its kind for cell phones and I really love it! I have one complaint though: the menu graphics/interface are really laggy and crowdy. I would spend more time playing this game, if the performance of the buttons and loading times could be somehow improved (I am using a HTC One… and it is really bad). Other than that, great game!

Amazing story line if you ask me. Although the “chapters” are annoyingly short. I got wrapped up in the story and actually paid for things. However the ending although good could’ve been better. It was a whirlwind to say the least although I only did one of several storylines. Wish the “chapters” were a little longer because reading a couple lines then needing more in-game items to continue is a tad annoying. If you aren’t a patient person don’t get this app.

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