Eternal Three Kingdoms – Devise unique strategies to form elite troops

[Game] Eternal Three Kingdoms

Eternal Three KingdomsGo rumble and own them!

Tired of complicated Three Kingdoms games?
Say no more! It’s all about casual tactics and the thrill of mass battles!

Assign your favorite heroes to different armies!
It’s all about customization!

Recruit mighty heroes such as Lu Bu, Guan Yu, and Zhao Yun.
Devise unique strategies to form elite troops!

Explore solid and extensive scenario based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms!
Heroes with unique skills and unique game modes are at your disposal.

Command the mightiest heroes using unrestrained strategies and formations!
Crush your foes as you face them in mass battles!

Enjoy simple controls and fast-paced gameplay!
Engage in an immersive storyline as you clear stage on the go!

Collect powerful Three Kingdoms heroes and supercharge their progress!
Experience a variety of upgrade systems and battles!

This game is available in 한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, ไทย, Tiếng Việt.

Minimum Requirements:

Galaxy S7 (OS 6.0) / 2GB RAM

Permission Guidelines
App will request permissions in order to provide certain services.:

Optional Permissions
Storage: This permission is required to store and load your gameplay
screenshots and video captures. Only gameplay data will be accessed.

App will run without optional permissions but certain game features may remain inaccessible.
Android 6.0 or higher is required in order to grant the app optional permissions.
Apps may not request user consent for certain permissions. Please see below for instructions on how to manually set app permissions.

Manually Setting Permissions

Users can reset or revoke permissions after granting access.

OS 6.0 or Later
Settings > Apps > Select the App > Permissions > Choose which permissions you want the app to have.

Versions Prior to OS 6.0
Upgrading to 6.0 or higher will allow you to set permissions manually.

Eternal Three Kingdoms user reviews :

The main screen is constantly cluttered with character & weapon pop-ups, definitely need to move that to the lower left of the screen, very distracting

When you can’t even read the tutorial instructions because they are too busy telling you about all the paid items everyone else is getting…you know it’s a problem.

Cant see tutorial due to incessant, non stop alerts about people obtaining certain heroes. Fix.

Too much to control but when acrual play, its not engaing, mostly auto

It is a good game and i really want to play it but this game is soooo laggy even though I’m not in battle

good game, but the announcement is blocking the view

Notification in game about get item on screen make me,xannot read anything,fix this

Wow, i never thought gameplay like this, this fresh gameplay for me

Who playtested this? Parts of the tutorial are hidden behind the global messages about which other player has gained what. Edit: The obnoxiousness of these global messages that are simply advertising for the gacha system being in front of actually gameplay relevant stuff literally all the time is a dealbreaker for me. In this state the game is unplayable.

great game, a new three kingdoms gameplay must try

I like three kingdom and this game is three kingdom game from com2us

Bad intro to the game. Tutorial felt like info dump non stop and timing for the next is just bad. When I have set mt formation, next tutorial comes along and forces me to reset my formation just to tell me minor stuff on my soldiers.

As a Dynasty Warriors and Three Kingdoms fanatic, I was HIGHLY disappointed. I dont know if I’ve uninstalled an app so quickly.. If you like super retro games, this might be the game for you, I for one found it EXTREMELY boring, however. To each their own.

Dispatch center is bugged and can’t claim rewards due to invasive tutorial and use for the first actual time, training center bugged due to invasive training tutorial can’t claim rewards and used for the first time. Now both these functions are unusable for me. Rewards are unclaimed with server error message. Liking the working aspects of the game so far.

I am enjoying my experience so far with about 12 hours played. As long as the end game is competitive f2p in some capacity and they fix the bad Chat filter that doesn’t allow words like “speed”… 3.8/5 not a bad release score

Game seems fairly easy to play, bit of a idle game. I like the animations. I hope the developers expand on the entire world of the three kingdoms even have the Nanman battles.

If you have a problem with game guardian then I don’t want anything to do with you or your games because I don’t trust you anymore

The game is good I’ll edit the review if I encounter further problems I’m rooting for this game so plls don’t disappoint the people.

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