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[Game] Merge Hatchimon

Merge HatchimonHatchimon game background

Cute monsters were living in the mysterious island that I discovered while sailing the sea.
The monsters living on the island were Hatchimons hatched only from eggs!

I met a doctor named Dr. Lee, who was studying Hachimon alone.
I wanted to know about Hatchimon and started to learn from the doctor.

Dr. Lee wanted me to explore places he had not yet with Hatchimons.
So I start to prepare all the things I need to explore …

Let’s synthesize Hatchimons and make them the best Hatchimon!
Hatchimons of the same characteristics(rank) tend to gather and synthesize and evolve.

Let’s raise Hatchimon and go on adventure!
For a team of 5 Hatchimons and explore this mysterious island!

Hatch a stronger Hatchimon through research on eggs!
Upgrading eggs increases the chance of hatching stronger Hatchimon.

Convenient synthesis system!
When it is difficult to synthesize, please use a system that automatically synthesizes with a single touch.

10 automated battles!
Use automated battle for 10 consecutive times!

When you want to be stronger, train in the gym!
Through gym training, you can grow your Hatchimon to be stronger.

Merge Hatchimon user reviews :

Not bad for a first choice to play game a lot of cool stuff i love playing this game I’m addicted to playing it its really fun Would recommend tho that you fix the problem with an add showing up evertime after you clean the three different poops Overall fantastic game to play 9000 % would recommend it

after the tutorial every time I touch the phone for more than a second it kicks me out of the game please fix! (PS I am using a phone labeled ZTE.) PSS this is future me I’ve decided to coin the name of this glitch, the name is… tap-2-home PSSS don’t judge me

Wish game would save progress when switching phones or atleast be able to skip tutorial, otherwise good game This game is so addictive, I install and reinstall this game , I just can’t stay without it

This was my favorite game when I was 8, I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS GAME FOR YEARS. Also please update the app, that’s why I gave it a 4 star. Thank you

Excellent game. Glitch free, polished and very cute! Well done, team!

i really like this game it is so exiting fun there are lots of awesome hatchimon the hatchimon that i most like is the one like a snake so thank you for creating this game so please make it have an update

The monsters are really clever, and the battles are possible. It’s a great game.

I hate it there is a ad everytime I collect the pop and you better not say sorry to me because it is annoying

Easy to play but I’m not sure how long it will take to get all of the hatchimon and level them up to the maximum level

I finally found a game I used to play back in 2018 I really like this game it deserves more attention

i play this game when i was 9 and play it with my first handphone.Now i installed the game again and it’s still very fun to play.By the way i was 11 now

Wow it’s fun and cute …. So far I haven’t bought anything. I love it! Great job.

i was playing this game was very cool and igot huge pets and my level was 59 and I was playing this also …..

This Is A good game and i like because theres some hard challenges

This game brings alot memories So its fun and its not brutal so i hope you have fun

Great game. Use to play in 2018 and still love it.

Pretty funny I like the ring to fight that you just ran them

idea: with evolvoluthons when you put 2 diffrent kinds of hatchamons together they should become a hybrid

the game is great i just wish it was esyer if you could get things quick

I love this game good graphics and it’s so look cute give it 5 stars

It’s so fun because there are no glitches and it makes me happy

Merge hatchimon is The best merge game i play it when i was grade 5 and now im Grade 8 i play it right now

Honestly it’s… pretty good! Also I’d just like to point out that the top five star review is hilariously spelt wrong, lol!

I think this game is awsome and a good time killer.

I like this bit how can we make more upgrade hatchimons hum

this game is sooo addictive downlaod now….trust me you need this

this is so cool yeah remember my name joaquin

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