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Evertile Welcome to Evertile the ultimate TCG battle arena game!

In an epic world of fantasy, unique characters are battling to honor their King and Queen in a ruthless clash tournament.

Control the strongest warlords, monsters and heroes: Strong and cunning warriors, royale mages, powerful wizards, dark witches, and more heroes and monsters that hold great powers and destructive elements.

Evertile is an epic competitive turn-based strategy card collection game (TCG) where every player must develop his own deck heroes and tactics to achieve victory.
Upgrade your deck heroes and battle legendary PVP arenas against your friends and other players from all around the world!

Use cunning strategies, wipe out the enemy tiles from the battlefield, and push for victory!
Fight in epic games of TCG and clash with the enemy king in a unique strategy tournament of royal PVP.

Compete with other mobile legends to become the ultimate strategy king in a royal pvp battle that mixes chess, card tiles and enemy warlords.

“Evertile: Battle Arena CCG Tactics” is different from other card games – it’s an epic turn based strategy TCG that is a clash between a chess game and a card strategy war game, where you control warlords fighting for their royal king or a queen fighting to become the ultimate mobile legends


Clash in a real time tournament against friends and opponents from all around the world to win special rewards and trophies
Open card chests, collect powerful new hero and monster tiles or upgrade your existing deck
Crush your enemies’ skulls in battle and taste sweet victory in this ultimate fantasy war card game
Become a pro deck builder and create your own mobile legends winning strategy in this unique CCG
Compete in multiple 1V1 PVP Arenas and become the strongest warrior
Use your wits as a chess game player to decide on your next move. Your strategy will define your fate!
Play with an Immersive Clan System – Donate cards to your clan mates and level up together
Chat and cooperate with your friends, exchange strategy & tactics and brag about your victories

Play royal card games of chess styled TCG turn based strategy, where you need to plan every move and leave nothing for the hands of fate!

ATTENTION! “Evertile: Battle Arena CCG Tactics” is a TCG free to play game. However, some game items and packages can be purchased for real money.

To disable this option, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

An active Internet connection is required in order to play “Evertile: Battle Arena CCG Tactics”. Join the celebration today!
Warlords, join our discord community here  discord.gg/8hGbr3J

Evertile user reviews :

A great game. Fun & quick so you can play whenever you want. Few stuff i didn’t like: I dont use the sales since it’s never worth it. Which basically means i don’t bother visiting the store. And there’s quite a few bugs. Trying to claim completed quests can freeze your game. Also sometimes it’s freezing during a match. Few other minor glitches but that doesn’t happen as often. I wish there was a mute option like ‘Hearthstone’. But that isn’t a priority. Wish there was a way to get legendary via in-game gold. Even if it’ll be 5k-10k a piece

EDIT: they made this exact change with the latest update. 5 stars now! The new system that spawns tiles on the attack line gives the first player too much of an advantage. At least have the initial spawn off the attack line and only have new tiles do it. Or buff the second player with starting mana or something. Other than that it’s a really solid game with lots of potential for deep strategy.

  • Thanks for your feedback! Good luck in arenas!

This is a fun new concept, and i enjoy it. enjoyED actually. i understand rebalancing, every game i play does regular rebalancing. the GOOD ONES let you know whats coming a week ahead, the OK ONES give you a rundown of what was done and why. you just completely messed up everyone’s gameplay experience with no warning and no explanation. rebalancing is done in SMALL steps, not giant leaps. you need to revert these changes and gradually try again, with communication this time.

  • Hi Jason, sorry for making it silent. But this experiment we run for a week or two. Then we decide what comes next.

One of the best (and addicting) games on Android…if you enjoy Tactics or Strategy or CCG’s then you’ll def. dig this game. NOTE: Only 4 stars instead of 5 because of a few minor annoyances. Its hard and time consuming to make progress without spending money…unless u don’t mind grinding it out.

  • Thanks, Matt. Enjoy the game! See you in arenas!

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