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[Game] Family Nest – Royal Farms

Family NestWelcome to the beautiful royal farms! Family Nest: Royal Society is a royal family adventure farming games!

Raise cute farm animals, harvest crops, earn the respect of The Royal Society and Royal family in this klondike! Raise your tiny village, work on a dream farm village, get valuable materials! Family farm adventure awaits!

There’s so much ahead of you in the royal farms adventure games:
A thrilling plot! Ennoble your happy nest and farm, travel and make discoveries worthy of an honorary member of The Royal Family!

Harvest land, raise your royal farms animals, harvest crops and expand your fancy village!

Modern farm design and construction! The more workshops you build, the more research you will do in this construction simulator.

Get valuable materials on your estate and in expeditions to use them to expand your royal farm and fancy village.

Trade and barter! Supply first-class goods to the farms and settlements in your neihborhood! Earn the prestige and respect of the people of Diamond Falls and the Royal Family.

Exciting mini-games, different challenges, fascinating stories, and much, much more!

Touch the unknown and plunge into an atmosphere of exciting adventure games!

Bring your family nest to prosperity and earn the respect of The Royal Society in this farming game!

Late on a rainy evening, a soaking wet letter carrier hands you an envelope with a proud Owl on the back. You haven’t seen this stamp in so long, probably since you left for Europe.

Katherine has already made several discovers, but the Royal Society has never noticed her accomplishments.

Her cousin, Donald, invites her to her parental manor—a small estate in a secluded district called Diamond Falls. The very place where Katherine’s father awakened in her an unquenchable thirst for discovery!

Download the farming games Family Nest: Royal Farms right now! You will definitely love our klondike adventures village games! Harvest land, raise farm animals, bring your family nest to prosperity and earn the respect of The Royal Society in this farming game!

Family Nest user reviews :

too much tasks to do in one time and consume too much energy. – the enery is too low and I don’t know when it will increase. – it’s difficult to edit items location. – maybe you can make the dialogue more seems interactive, not just a long sentence from Donny. Sorry for my bad english. Imo you made a nice game here so I hope you can improve it better

  • Hello! Thank you! We are glad you like our game. Stay with us, there will be a lot of exciting things ahead!

Super cute game. It has great a great storyline and great graphics. I just hate how long it takes to craft some things and i hate how some building take a lot of items to build it.

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We are glad to receive high praise from our players! You can use Boosters! Have a great day and a nice harvest!

Not a fan of this game for the simple fact you charge energy to plant stuff. I’ve played dozens of this style of game and this is the first where it costs energy to plant. Incredibly stupid mechanic. Change that and it might make the game better.

  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback and desire to help. Please let us know if you have any issues. Good luck!

Interesting farm game. Just 1 point,energy finish quite fast and took time to recover. Graphic can be improve further. Will reinstall again next time.

  • Hello! Thank you! We hope you will have a lot of fun playing our game!

Addictive and very interesting all through.But the energy is way too low.Its a wonderful game,alot to do,alot to keep your mind straight.But come on watch the comments of people who are actually playing the game.And make some changes.

  • Hello! Thank you! We are glad you like our game. Stay with us, there will be a lot of exciting things ahead!

It would have been a five but as a person whose eyes are disabled it’s really hard to see some part of your games but the game is great

  • Hi! Thank you very much for your appreciation of our game. We are very sorry that you encountered difficulties, but you took the time and shared your impressions. Yes, unfortunately, it’s difficult to play on phones, have you tried playing on a computer? Our game is available on several platforms.

Cool game just way to many ads …. more watching ads than playing… i just got the game yesturday but already over it . Im not sure im gonna keep it.

  • Hello! Thank you! We are glad you like our game. Viewing ads gives you bonuses. Stay with us, there will be a lot of exciting things ahead!

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