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[Game] FarmLand

FarmLandWill you return former success to an island farm?

From your uncle’s inheritance, you got homestead on the island with a real butler! Take this mission on you: build productive country life, harvest fruits and vegetables, and sell them to customers from shipboard or on the market.

Use earned coins to open new features: quests, buildings, and decorations. Will your farm have the best seaside decor? Try and we will see!

In future updates, you will be able to play with your friends via the internet, create community, discover lost islands, and a lot of other cute features! Have a nice play day!

FarmLand user reviews :

This game is frustrating. Everything takes entirely too long to complete. If I’m spending diamonds for the boat, I shouldn’t have to wait 30 minutes between trips. Don’t have me collect items for the lighthouse when I don’t have the building needed to make that item. This makes it impossible to fill the carts. Stop taking items away that I’ve already got access to and moving them to new buildings. Give more tools as rewards or require less tools to build. Watching an ad should complete an item.

  • Dear farmer, thank you for your suggestion. We will certainly discuss it. Hope your experience with our game will be great and you’ll give us a 5-star rating. Until then, see you at the Farmland.

I’m enjoying this farm game. Have not been doing it very long really,. The only thing I can really grip about is there’s not a lot of ways to get certain items needed from time to time unless you want to purchase in the app. Or literally just be stuck for a while. Bit frustrating and I just log out when it happens. Don’t have patience with that stuff… lol.

  • Thank you for joining us! Let’s develop Farmland together!

Very Fun and Simple to Play, No click to solve complicate finger movement to enjoy and the game. Very Good Graphics and color and cute and suitable for a wide range of age groups. Excellent Animals are cute and you can the Wheat and other crops by dragging the select crops to any quantity you can afford on allow and available land

  • Thank you so much for your words of inspiration! Reviews such as yours keep us motivated to improve our game. Much appreciation.

Sorry there are so many other games almost identical in the setup and they’re done really well this one unfortunately falls about short, as well as harvesting maybe another game could be added to make it more fun, not a merging game though otherwise it would be like homescape, or solitaire they’ve been done to death. There aren’t any options in renovation planning for the house also just harvesting and clicking on different parts of the screen is not fun.

feels like another cash grab game, you can’t really upgrade or build anything at a decent time unless you pay money, game play is typical island farm game where you can only level up by filling orders. and if you do the lighthouse and give resources on half, it doesn’t give rewards for the half orders filled, but still takes your resources. there’s always an buying offer for items needed in the game to actually have a smooth playing time, but way harder to just earn simple items.

  • Hello! Sorry to hear that you don’t like something from the game! We want to bring only enjoyment with our game! Thank you for your review! We will take it into account and will try to make our game better in future!

I like this game. Started it in another app and decided to keep it. But I didn’t like being forced to update to “new version”. Things were changed around, things added in one area and deleted from another. For no real reason. Seemed pointless. So only 3 stars.

  • Hope your experience with our game will be great and you’ll give us a 5-star rating. Until then, see you at the Farmland.

Nice game,,,,, In this era of game with much advertising this game is such a wonderful game….. But the farming time or the factory products making time is much….. and some products don’t get that’s why it can be such a monotonous. But never mind I love this game

  • Thanks for your review! Good luck and welcome to the Farmland.

The graphics of this game are amazing! I also love that there are many ways to collect the coins and that there are different types of buildings. I do feel that the means of getting tools should be made easier. The game is slow paced, so those looking for a quick game will be disappointed.

Very fun! Not enough screwdrivers to finish buildings but otherwise fun! Not enough space in beginning to separate buildings out so they are all grouped together, makes it harder to see finished product.

  • Dear farmer! Thank you for the highest rating. A large hacienda is not immediately built. I believe that your perseverance will lead you to success. Good luck and see you in the Farmland.

tutorial is too long and lengthy at your home farm but doesn’t explain anything about going to a friend’s farm. no instructions doesn’t let you do anything but you’re supposed to be able to get a gift

  • Dear Farmer, A gift from a friend is located at a random location on a friend’s farm. You will also receive a gift on your farm several times a day. We will discuss your suggestion. Good luck on the farm.

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