Fate Goddess Awakening – A Brand New World

[Game] Fate Goddess Awakening

Fate Goddess AwakeningWe… failed?
If we could have come earlier, maybe it wouldn’t end up this way.
There is still one last chance. Unseal the Apocalypse, shuttle back to the past, and stop the explosion of the Energy Heart. It’s all or nothing.

In the coming of the Apocalypse, the chosen ones called “Detective” delve into the world shaped by a massive explosion, gathering agents from parallel words and, in their company, breaking through the mist of chaos and determined to rewrite their fate.

A Brand New World
Experience the cyber city with high tech as well as the fantasy brought by magic. The world is about to be turned upside down and possibly even collapse. Please guide us, Detective.

Non-stop Adventure
Repel enemy invasion in Scout, prove your strength by challenging the Trials, solve the Labyrinth, fight for glory with Guild members – you can always have fun in a variety of gameplay.

Agents At Your Command
With hundreds of agents from six races and with multiple attributes, there are infinite possibilities to use your wits, build strategic lineups, and deal with different battles.

Connect Within Souls
Spend leisure time with Agents at the base, engage in romantic interactions, and unveil exclusive stories about them. This is bound to be an unforgettable journey.

Fate Goddess Awakening user reviews :

Game is like fate commander. Only difference is the girls and boys too. But the summoning is from fate and most of the things too. This one is not pervy like fate commander but the art is awesome. I think they took the fate commander version to make it cool but with less breasts. Could you please give us more exp to level up heroes, the exp there is a lot but not enough as you go higher in level. Could be fun if we can get more exp to level up a +90levels heroes. I give four stars for now

2 star for now Thanks for the wonderful game but it’s hard to play without recharge and all players need gift codes

Need to be more generous to pay 2 win players..its like u guys keep asking for more and more

Looks well enough if you’re in to turn based games…I am not tho.

Though this said a new game the characters were very similar to an older game. I’ll chalk that up to the same company, which also means reusing old assets. I would have liked this iteration to be a little more f2p. With current job market shifts and a STILL recovering economy. A game that’s f2p and gives the best heroes is what we need.

I like this god game oh and I will never give up on my God also never give up on my faith to anyone accept to my God that created me only god itself can take my faith away no one else doesn’t matter who they are

I give good review because it’s new

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