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Sentence ThatPuzzle lovers, challenge yourself, train your brain, test your vocabulary, enjoy this unique free sentence making word search game.

Learn English words in a funny way. Tap into your cognitive abilities and tap on the scrambled words to assemble them into coherent formation.

Do you want to enhance your English while having a blast with a word puzzle game? Do you want to improve your English language skills while having fun? Are you seeking a simple yet educational sentence finder game? Then “Sentence That” is just for you. Change the order of words to form sentences and phrases in an entertaining way with this masterclass learning game. Engage in an entertaining and enlightening word puzzle experience.

You do not need to rush as there is no time limitation. This word unscramble game is one of the best ways of relaxing. To aid players, our word puzzle sentence builder game offers valuable boosters, making gameplay sessions easier. Practice English grammar, sentence correction, and complex word usage as you progress through the game. Prepare to be captivated by a calming, addictive word puzzle game experience like no other. Challenge your intellect, enhance your memory, fulfill your spare time and improve your English language skills. You will arrange the scrambled words by tapping in correct order to form a meaningful sentence.

You will have fun trying to solve beautiful inspirational and motivational quotes, idioms, proverbs, movie lines, celebrity and funny quotes, daily sayings and much more! Get ready to be surprised by learning unknown English proverbs! Enjoy a calming, relaxing and addictive word puzzle game all at once.

Thousands of levels and unique word puzzle challenges
Relaxing background and user friendly UI to enhance word puzzle experience
Amazing and attractive themes
Cool animation effects to enhance your gaming experience in the word game.
Soothing sound effects and music
Great exercise for both kids and adults
Earn boosters and rewards for every correct answer
No internet connection required
Play free offline anytime and anywhere

Immerse yourself in thousands of commonly used sentences from daily life and embark on an English learning journey through word puzzles. “Sentence That” is developed by the creators of fan-favorite word games like Word Pearls and Word City. Discover the joy of learning English grammar, improving your sentence correction skills, and expanding your vocabulary through engaging word puzzles.

Download Sentence That: Word Merge for free now and embark on an exhilarating adventure where limitless fun intertwines with knowledge and language skills improvement in this word puzzle game.

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Sentence That user reviews :

I’ve never thought forming up sentences would be such a challenge. It’s one of those games that puts you into an ‘aha!’ moment whenever you see the answer. Very easy to play, but gets challenging as you go further with more intricate sentences. Reading the sentences provided are quite satisfying as there is a wide variety of movie quotes along with historical sayings. One of the best games to improve English language skills in my opinion. It’s very relaxing as well.

  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at support[at]! Have a wonderful day!

The forced ads between every level take longer than the actual, very simple game. No thoughts provoked, no fun had, I was just their cash cow.

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

Sentence That! Is a simple word game that anyone can play. With that being said, I made one mistake in Level 10 of the game, and received only 2 stars in the end. I don’t like that. It was a simple mistake.

  • Hi, Thank you for your comment. Is there something else that we could do to deserve a better rating from you? Let us know at support[at]

Fun but there’s an ad after every level

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

I like this game alot. I am a really bad speller but this game gives you the words all you do is make sentences.

  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at support[at]! Have a wonderful day!

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