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[Game] Fate of the Empress

Fate of the EmpressSet in ancient China, Fate of the Empress is a turn-based RPG that faithfully recreates a majestic imperial city. Get ready for palace intrigue, beautiful 3D graphics, and a tale of love told through stunning animated cutscenes and expansive, complex gameplay.

Elegant Mansion
The Mansion gameplay is now fully upgraded, with a brand new luxurious views both outside and inside. Craft stylish furnitures and decorate the room in a highly free way. It’s time to build your dream home!

Royal Heir
New gameplay! Raise your heirs and heiress from childbirth to young adults with your love! Is there anything more exciting than the parent-child attire?

Grand Banquet
Invite your friends to witness the upgrade of the relationship between you and your lover. Get prepared to receive a massive number of the sweetest wishes.

Intimate Soulmate
Explore the marvelous world with your soulmate. Get your relationship polished with love and experience.

Invincible Squad
Summon and recruit historical heroes to guard what you cherish and who you love. Upgrade your squad to conquer the throne and become a one-of-a-kind empress through missions and stories.

Wonderful Life
Escape from the official circles when you feel tired. Or turn back to fight for your glory at any time. Experience palace life in your way.

Unique Beauty
Define your beauty with a customized appearance. Pick your favourite makeup, hairstyles, accessories, and outfits.

Adorable Pets
Interactions with pets are always fun, especially in Fate of the Empress!

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Fate of the Empress user reviews :

This game looked really interesting to me, compared to similar games the 3D graphics are very nice and overall beautiful looking. Unfortunately the servers have limited space it seems and if you want to play with friends and get locked out of the server they’re on it’s bad luck for you. If I had any suggestion it would be fixing this issue and opening up the servers more, I play a lot of games like this where you can join even some of the older servers no problem. Still 4 stars, issues aside.

This game is so unexpected for an app game. The character customization options and stunning graphic designs in the game far surpass any app game I have played before. It manages to be user friendly and yet so involved in so many wonderful ways. I would rate it 5 stars but for one personal peeve, I wish the romance options with NCPs were more detailed and you had more available. As it stands, you get more out of a player/player romance system, which allows for heirs. I’d like more NPC romances.

I previously had a statement about how much it love this game. Still do, very much so but as of a few hours ago I have been unable to login. It loads up like usual but then it says it cannot aquire server configuration. I have tried deleting and reinstalling, clearing cache and game storage but to no avail. I would appreciate if you guys could help me.

This game was great. I loved it. Then there were some bugs so I backed out and restarted the game. I was almost lvl 80 and had put a substantial amount of money into the game. When I logged back in everything was gone and I was back at the very start of the game where you create a character….I contacted support but did not get a response. I am uninstalling this game. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Great game, I know it just came out recently, but I would like to see heirs and more costumes hopefully. Other then that the graphics are amazing along with the cut scenes, voice acting, story, etc. Sure it takes up a lot of space but like I said it just came out so give them a break. Because what’s annoying me is so many people are complaining about some bugs and the space stuff, and are rating it low! They need to remember it just came out last month. So keep that in mind when downloading!

You know, I think this is a good concept of a game. But it’s kinda overwhelming since everything just comes at you. It’s almost like your other game royal chaos, but that one is a bit more laid back. But the graphics are good, but to level up…. That’s a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY! And honestly, you have to battle with some high or lower rank every SINGLE TIME. When I’m just trying to get the storyline and outfits. And that get’s annoying. So that’s the reason I gave 3 stars out of 5.

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