Godness Fantasy – Bring back the glory of fantasy world

[Game] Godness Fantasy

Godness FantasyGodness Fantasy is a western Fantasy MMORPG that will bring you to fantastic adventure in fantasy world. Player will experience the real massive battle against thousand of people to be the one who can bring back the glory of fantasy world.

Game Features:

God-Like Resource & VIP FOR FREE
you don’t need to worry about Anything!, Get Full VIP Levels with unlimited resource for free !!

Enjoy AFK mode
Easily upgrade your level even you are AFK. Play effortlessly and awesome reward is in your hand.

Kill Monsters to get top-up point
Say goodbye to the boring fight and upgrade! join us!. Free to enjoy super benefits!, kill monsters to drop Top Up rewards.

God’s Mall System
Introduce GOD MALL, Exclusive mall to get Legendary Weapon and Rare Items. More higher shop level you have, more cheap prize that you get

Massive Community
Join our Community from worldwide and find new friends to play with!

Discord: discord.gg/qdG6sjCJgp

Contact Us
You can get customer service assistance via Facebook to help you with any problems you may encounter while playing. You can also find us on the following platforms. We welcome all of your Godness Fantasy thoughts and suggestions:

Customer Service Email: cs@gamesxtra.net
Instagram: @godnessfantasy
Facebook: facebook.com/GodnessFantasy/

Godness Fantasy user reviews :

The game looks beautiful but that’s it. The auto play is so prevalent that the game doesn’t even have navigation buttons. I guess they thought that navigation buttons won’t be necessary since the game practically moves your character to where you have to go. I literally can’t explore the beautiful environment (except for the designated path) because there are no navigation buttons!

Good graphics, good music, overall good; however, for me, the exp cave and market are not good. For the exp cave, I am unable to play between levels 61 and 70 because it consistently states that the event has ended. For the market, the reason is not good because I can’t complete my quest in the vendor quest because of it, but we need to purchase gold VIP for the market in order to buy the item! , I hope to see all players able to purchase it on the market, whether they are gold VIPs or not.

I’ll change it once I’ve gotten the rewards I’ve spent money on. It’s not a bad game but you should definitely fix the purchasing problem where the player makes a purchase say for instance the gold vip yet isn’t able to gain it after purchasing as well as the super rebate. It seems to do it for pretty much anything you purchase.

  • Hello, Heroes! we are sorry for the inconvenience, if you encounter any problem in game, don’t mind to contact us at www.facebook.com/GodnessFantasy we will help your problem there. Thank you for playing Godness Fantasy

I give it 1 bc as soon as i reached 99 my server was put in maintenance for no odd reason what so ever while I was trying to do my quest but I could do that bc I can’t even log in one the server I was corsponded to or any other servers it would not let me in the bug or what ever it is it’s a new problem I was just getting interested. And it didn’t save my data

Ok auto play game but it’s just too laggy to play. Takes far too much time for the game to respond to commands like tapping icons. Since that’s all you’re really doing, the pace of the game is just far too slow to be enjoyable.

  • Hello, Heroes! Please check your connection, if you encounter any problem in game, don’t mind to contact us at www.facebook.com/GodnessFantasy we will help your problem there. Thank you for playing Godness Fantasy

I love this game. But hopefully a new event will be released so that more people will play this game. The event is boring now. I hope to come out with something more enjoyable and more fun. About the drops, I hope it’s a little easier because you’ve killed a few of the bosses, nothing is given, that’s all that’s good, thank you

I like the game but why didn’t given it a 5 star because there something wrong with the top up and you can’t get in cp bosses without being killed by other players or they steal your boss with no awards they should give everyone 5 attempt per player per day so everyone can get it because I noticed alot of player quitting the game

I love your game and I am willing to rate it with full star. The problems is can you fix the unstable network issue? I always went back to the login menu from time to time. Please fix it… thank you!

  • Hello Heroes, Thank you for the rating. We hope you enjoy your adventure in Godness Fantasy. We will try to fix it. If there’s anything you want to ask feel free to contact us on www.facebook.com/GodnessFantasy

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