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Figure Fantasy  The 2021 Best Game Changer of Google Play in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, The first-ever 3D figurine-themed idle mobile game, Figure Fantasy has arrived in style! Here, you’ll become the figurines’ master, and experience a wonderful adventure in their miniature world.


The Physically Based Rendering (PBR) technology restores every inch of the figurines with high precision, perfectly presenting their real-world material textures and light refraction.

Place an order to purchase a “Blind Box” with a single tap, tear up the paper box, and receive a surprise, “Wishlist +200x Draw Option” directional mode, you will no longer miss out on your favorite figurines!
Original custom display cabinet system, customized to create a unique private Otaku Zone: Space, sci-fi, middle ages castle…hundreds of themes for you to choose from!

Deploy your lineups on a 3×3 Grid, where you can set positional covers, view exclusive ultimate animations, and engage in combat strategy presented in a 3D format. Try combinations of the five brands freely. Mix and match Defenders, Vanguards, Militarists, Helpers and Specialists in your lineups.

“Effortlessly earn resources from the figurines’ work, where your resources will be full when you wake up from your sleep”. Say goodbye to tedious daily tasks, ordinary levels can be cleared with a single tap, your idle resources will not be interrupted when you go offline.

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Figure Fantasy user reviews :

Edit: Very difficult to get new characters. Pull rate is greedy. Been playing for well over a year now and I love it! Updates are regular and levels are challenging. Pretty awesome!

  • Dear Master, thanks a lot for your friendly words. We appreciate it and please rest assured that we are constantly working hard to optimize the game and bring you a better gameplay experience. Best wishes!

So far, I like the game. The characters are cute and the graphics are OK. Stamdard gacha game in my opinion. My only problem, and the reason for the 4 stars, is that the game will randomly crash on me with no warning. Easy enough to get around on my end, just relaunch the game. I just think it’s weird, being kicked out every once in a while after leveling up my figurines like crazy.

At first i thought this’ll be just some kind of boring game, but to my surprise it isn’t. The figurines are top notch although some of them have annoying voices. Being a f2p player doesn’t mean you’ll be left behind in fact it is a very f2p friendly, too many free code to redeem, and it’s not that hassle when it comes to earning some gems to order a pack. If only I was working already I’d love to support this game, but don’t worry I’ll recommend this to some of my friends. I have more to say but

Love the way you create the environment and the character. I love this game so much. Your game is F2P friendly and you got some good story. The only thing to improve in the future is the events. You need put some interesting event and some handsome rewards. That will attract many players and make a lot benefits for you. Good luck. Can’t wait to see the Open Beta.

This is a very decent game. VIsuals are unique and the play system is fun. I will mention that there needs to be some quality of life improvements (i.e. a button that lets you auto equip all gear instead of each individual hero; or a claim all button on tasks). In terms of expansion, I would like to have the option to customize colors/equipment on my figurines like real figurines, which is one of the main selling points of this game. Good work so far!

For some extent reason, I can’t seem to connect with the game, a dialogue box always pop-ups saying, “Connecting failed! Please try…” has this been always a problem? Because, I can say that there’s nothing wrong with my phone and has a fine compatibility of game with this end/even-larger-games-with-larger-storage at that. If this problem persists, then there’s absolutely nothing to be worth investing here. (or am I being overly dramatic just cuz of this login issue that can be fixed due time?)
  • Dear Master, sorry for the trouble you have ran into.We suggest that you could switch the internet between WIFI/4G, and use the VPN as well. If the problem persists, please contact us directly in the game, or leave a message on our official Facebook or discord with relevant screenshots.We will try our best to help you solve it

I think this game is amazing, I just started but i already love the concept of it, there arn’t really any bugs so its makes it more fun. I also love that there’s an english voice over. The words are put in a sentence correctly and its easy to understand what there saying. Ive played other games with an english voice over but this is the best so far.

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The first 3D idle figurine mobile game, Figure Fantasy has arrived in style!

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