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FinchMeet your new self care best friend! Finch is a self care pet app that helps you feel prepared and positive, one day at a time. Take care of your pet by taking care of yourself! Choose from a wide variety of daily self care exercises personalized for you.

Is self care a chore? Struggling with habits, self-love, or depression? Self care finally feels rewarding, lightweight, and fun with Finch. Complete quick self care exercises to grow your pet, earn rewards, and improve mental health! People who struggle with mood journaling, habits, and depression found it easier to be mindful with their self care pet in Finch!

Start mornings with quick mood checks and energize your pet to go exploring! Choose from various mindful habits from goal tracking and mood journaling to mindful breathing exercises and quizzes!
End days in moments of gratitude with your self care pet where they’ll return from adventures to share stories with you! Recognize positive moments and grow your self-love.

Finch is the fun self care tracker to hit goals and sustain healthy habits! Build mental resilience against stress, anxiety, and depression. Strengthen your mental health by increasing self-love and gratitude.

Habit Tracker: set goals and celebrate wins for healthy habits.
Mood Journal: guided mood journal to clear the mind, track important moments, and practice self-love.
Breathing: guided breathing to calm nerves, increase focus, energize your mind, and sleep better.
Quizzes: understand your mental health with quizzes for anxiety, depression, body image appreciation, and more.
Mood Tracker: quick mood checks with mood trends to understand what has been lifting you up or bringing you down.
Quotes: motivational quotes to lift your mood and gain new perspective.
Insights: get insights on your mental health from combined analytics on your mood journaling, tags, goal tracker, and quizzes.

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Finch user reviews :

I love this app, it’s actually helped me stay motivated to be productive and avoid laying in bed all day. Although, I wish there was a way to edit the goals in the day. For example, twice now I’ve accidentally skipped the wrong goal and had no way to undo it. Also the weekly ups and downs section needs improvement. It’s always adding things I enjoyed into the what brought me down section and it’s kinda annoying.

this is an amazing app! there are so many options, quizzes, reflections, assessments, etc that you can’t go wrong. all while going on adventures with your minion to help you and them grow. I find the free version has so many available options that there’s no need to buy the full other than to support the guardians. as a side note I accidentally removed the app from my phone, and rather than putting in a support ticket was able to get an answer from the discord comm. which are super helpful!

I have struggled to find an app that helps schedule time for self care that was fun and I could stick with. This app really helps me stay on track. It really helps me to keep goals that I have throughout the week and is super customizable to my daily schedule changes. It’s fun. Its interactive. And the reports that track mood changes anxiety patterns and triggers is awesome. And most of it is free! There is a paid upgrade but I don’t have the budget for it right now.

This app is so amazing. Helps with personal goals, without trying to shove it on your face. It has all kind of things, such as timers, calimg sounds, quizzes for ptsd, anxiety, depression, etc. And so much more. It gives you basic goals such as brush your teeth, shower, wash ur face, and you can make your own goals. I have yet to have any ad’s. I definitely recommend it!!

I love this app! You can set all of your own tasks or go with prompts they provide. I sometimes use the breathing exercises or focus timers, which can also be linked to to-do list tasks. Your little birb does the meditation with you, which is so cute! Finch keeps me on track with the little habits that tend to fall through the cracks otherwise. I like how specific I can get, setting tasks to repeat, with or without notifications. I’ve recommended it to multiple friends, who started using it too!

The app is amazing. There is a free program, and a plus program. A lot of the times they give you the plus side of stuff as a reward, or a preview. (still completely free), They have exercises that compare to journaling, and even some that can calm down your anxiety. Setting goals and watching my Finch grow up really motivates me to complete everything and get through my day.

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