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[Game] Pocoyo Pop Balloon

Pocoyo Pop BalloonAre you looking for a simple and fun game for children that is educational at the same time? You’ll find that the Pocoyó Pop game is a fantastic option, bound to become a fun pastime of yours.

This app features different options to enjoy to the fullest.

In the “Game” mode they’ll have a blast popping the coloured balloons appearing on the screen, just by touching them. Face the challenge of popping floating balloons; the more the better, to get high scores!

In the “Puzzles” mode players enjoy solving the characters’ pleasing puzzles. They’ll begin by tracing the outline, continue by colouring the drawing, and then learn how to place the pieces in the right places.

In the “Colour” mode, they can choose between 2 different options: 1) colouring the templates of their favourite characters or 2) drawing free style, without any set rules.

Finally, in the “Songs” mode they’ll find cool music videos with the characters singing and dancing, and they can imitate their moves.

Pocoyó Pop’s “Game” mode has different levels for children ranging in age.

At the Easy level, coloured balloons simply appear at the bottom of the screen and slowly move upwards. When touched, they pop, making different sounds depending on the type and colour of the balloon. In this mode there is no time limit, so it is ideal for children ages 2 and younger.

At the Normal level, they will face a ticking clock when popping magic balloons. As the coloured balloons appear, the clock ticks down. If the player lets them get away, it goes faster, while, if he pops the balloons, seconds of time are added. Due to the challenge of the clock, and the higher speed at which the balloons appear, this level of play is recommended for children ages 3 to 5.

The Difficult level is a greater challenge due to the inclusion of balloons that penalize you if you pop them. At this level of the game one has to concentrate a little more to distinguish between the balloons he should pop and those he shouldn’t. Will you be able to tell them apart? Due to this greater complexity, it is recommended for children over 6 years old.

This app is great for children’s learning because of its innumerable benefits, including the development of hand-eye coordination, improving children’s capacity to concentrate, and honing their fine motor skills while stimulating them with its colourful images and curious sounds.

If your children enjoy popping soap bubbles in the park, this Pocoyó Pop game is ideal for them, because it’s similar  but they won’t get all wet. Download it now to your smartphone and see how much fun it is!

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Pocoyo Pop Balloon user reviews :

I would give it 5 star because my 3 year old loves it. I am giving 3 stars because I bought ad free with my linked account. When I loaded it on another tablet, I had the option to link accounts and sync the purchases. It did not work. Ended up buying the ad free again for my kid but it is annoying. Reached out to developers with no response.

This app used to work, but now it won’t even open. It’s a waste. There are better balloon popping games out there.

  • Hi Zoila Rodriguez, thank you for your review on our game. We apologize for the inconvenience. We recently have made an update to the game. We encourage you to update the game to see if it works correctly now.

EDWARD and Charlie

  • Hi Kwok Fan Yuen, thanks for your feedback. We continue working to improve the user experience. We recently have made an update to the game. We encourage you to update the game to see if it works correctly now.

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