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Fish Farm 3  Fish Farm 3 is the latest advance in fish simulations — buy, breed, cross-breed, sell, and enjoy plenty of freshwater and saltwater fish, including seahorses, whales, dolphins, sharks, starfish, jellyfish, rays, and turtles.

Reach higher levels in this fish game to access more fish, decoration, and aquarium inventory.

Breeding and selling your fish wisely earns coins to further advance and refine your aquariums.
Don’t forget to feed your fish and to change the water, either by hand or by automation.
Do you want to try out different lights or enjoy the fluorescent inhabitants by switching off the light? Just do it!
Not only that our 3D graphics got even more lifelike to take the most out of your device with this fish game, but also heaps of other advances are available now:

Big fish, seahorses, starfish, turtles
Recolor your fish
Decoration in 3D
New games to earn coins: Catch Fish, Shallow Run
Sell your aquariums
Automate chores to focus on enjoying aquariums
Win daily prices
Clean your aquariums
Equip different lights
Night Mode
Put unused items into Storage instead of selling them
More fish
Baby fish are not just smaller adults, they change their shape when growing
More realistic fish, such as moving gills and growing bellies


380+ species of brilliantly colored, realistic 3D fish
Customize up to 20 aquariums with lots of decorative items and corals
Saltwater, freshwater, jellyfish, and open ocean aquariums
Cross-breed your fish for unlimited variations
Most realistic fish movements ever
Send and receive gifts
Acquire Skills to make the game easier to play
Catch fish using your fingers
Zoom into aquariums
Collect fish to earn rewards
Enjoy the offline-playing capability
Pay once for the Exchange and access all fish, decoration, and inventory

Please note that Fish Farm 3 is free to play and thus ad-financed.

Questions or feedback?

Email: ff3-support[at]

Do you have cats — your fish will love watching our fish game.

Fish Farm 3 user reviews :

Fun but could use some more synergy such as when, doing Shallow Run and you complete a “run” maybe you could just bring up the next fish on list and say “Another Run?” And automatically bring up list of fish. I don’t know maybe you’ll have a better vision. Lol but I’m still having fun. Wohoo!

This a cool and fun game of breeding fish. Any unlocked fish can be bred together and dyed different colors. They can be named. Water must be changed weekly or fish’ll get sick. (which is accurate to real life) However, the free catch a fish does not work on computer. Getting fish (the currency) through survey has stopped working. Usually it takes logging in again to come back but it seems it is permentaly gone. Trying to get free fish dollars in itself is glitchy.

Best game ever! The animations are the best. But I think for the next update you should add some more fish like crabs, shrimps, octopus, squid, or some more stuff like that.

Great game, but there’s some serious scaling issues with the animals that I feel should be addressed. Perhaps most notably, a blue whale should not be smaller than a manta ray, the latter of which is way oversized and dwarfs pretty much every other ocean animal in the game.

I really enjoy playing this game… My only concern is how hard it is to earn coins.. Wish I didn’t have to sell all my beautiful fishes in order to get more stuff…I worked hard on breeding different species of fish n their different colors.. Kinda sux!! But I still think this game is totally worth it

Really enjoy this game. Information on fish is moderately decent for a fish game. Easy to play, always a goal to work towards and unlocking new fish. No need to spend money to play this game.

This is the most well thought out aquarium game I have found so far and is quite fun. There is plenty to do even after the fish are fully cared for and there is purpose to caring for them in the breeding, leveling, skill and achievement systems. Though I have only played for a short while so far, all in all it is well worth playing and investing in the add-ons in my opinion.

The game is good, But it sucks that you have to spend money to have more aquariums or play games that requires you to buy using money, or a very hard level.

Lovely and relaxing. I wish there were more betta fish, I’d love to be able to try breeding different colours.

I love how the fish can look so different when you breed them. There’s a lot I love about this game **INCLUDING** not having many ads in thevgame its self.

Am absolutely loving this game I’ve only been playing like 3 days but I’m level 15 now with a saltwater freshwater and jelly tank just waiting to hit 40 for the oceanic tank

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