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Fish KingdomsFish Kingdoms :

There you will lead the “Army of Slackers” and find yourself immersed in a vibrant realm filled with funny anime-style fish. As a player, your role is to summon and nurture a diverse collection of fish, each possessing unique abilities and powers. Witness their fish evolution as they grow and unlock new forms, becoming formidable warriors ready to engage in thrilling battles.

All without the need to constantly tap or swipe. Our innovative idle gameplay mechanics ensure that you can progress and conquer even when you’re not actively playing. The game combines the addictive nature of idle gameplay with the strategic depth of RPG mechanics. As you progress, your fish will automatically continue to grow and collect resources even while you’re AFK. Take pride in building your fish army and strategically deploying them in exciting battles against challenging opponents.

Unleash your tactical prowess as you lead your fish warriors into intense combat. Devise clever strategies, exploit your fish’s strengths, and utilize their special skills to defeat enemies and conquer new territories within the Fish Kingdoms. Engage in thrilling PvP battles against other players and climb the ranks to become the ultimate fish champion.

Game Features
Open chests after chests for FREE!
Free summons to easily collect all Epic Finlords!
All-new turn-based idle card game, no grinding or pay-to-win!
It’s all about strategy and the strongest combination!


Fish Kingdoms user reviews :

Very good game. What i would recommend is putting the max level at 700. No one can get to 6000 without spending lots of money. You have to lower that. That would make the game so much more enjoyable. Also, with Mythic Shards, you should lower it so it is easier to get them up more star level. I am number 43 in the world.

I did give this 5* but now im forced to give this a 1*,after the update it killed the game basically,buffers all the time when before the update it never did!arena is messed up!I’m 11mil power and your telling me I can’t beat someone who is 1.5 mil in power?and it’s not just a 1 time thing it’s like you can’t win in general 75%of the time! The damage my characters out put were nuked after the update as well!I’m uninstalling this dam game! it’s a shame to because this game had alot of potential!

Such a cool game and you really don’t have to do much but still. A lot of fun and the characters designs for the fish are really cool looking would recommend.

So I found nothing in this game that I really like. Idle time is garbage. If you loose to someone you start giving them stuff for being a vassal. Upgrading characters is a giant pain and then reverting them back when you get someone better is even harder.

I love the game. I think it needs to be fleshed out a bit more with maybe a story and other things. But I would also appreciate being able to buy a single summon from the smuggler rather than needing to buy 10 when I can’t afford it.

Seems to have good content, but I’ve noticed one thing it seems to be a rip off of plants vs zombies when it comes to the music and the guide that helps you.

Very fun, Very easy, Very much worth the time while looking for a chill game to tap and upgrade.

I never let games have my Google log in unless I enjoy and trust the game. It looks cute but forces you to either log in with Google or Facebook, Can’t play the game unless you do. I know it’s to protect your save data, however let users make the choice and have a warning that if you don’t log in, then there’s a chance the data may be lost if not connected to an account. Not a fan of forceful log in when starting out a game.

This game is fun, I found it in an ad than downloaded it through the ad and I’ve been having great luck with draws and chests!!

Fun game when your bored it gets really addicting

Brothers game is the best I just sometimes I don’t like when it keeps popping up with all the numbers but I really like this game and it’s really cool and it’s the best game in in the world

So far I enjoy it, but the tutorial/instructions/class info needs work.

is good so far, only had it 2 days. I enjoy the amount of things you get without spending money

good afk game, some pay walls, but not too bad. enjoyable for the first 5 hours so far

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