Abnormal State – Different choices to organize your episodes

[Game] Abnormal State – Otome Love

Abnormal StateThe love story for you

I woke up in a certain game.
Three guys who want me?

After a short moment of panic,
A warning appeared in front of me that I would die if I didn’t find true love!

*I’m forced to love..*
*in order to survive this Abnormal State*

Game Features
Easy romance games you can play to the end for free
Honey voiced by a stellar lineup of voice actors
Real otome games with multi endings
Romance Fantasy universe
Different choices to organize your episodes
Exciting dating love stories that feel like real-life dates
A variety of charming and unique characters for your romance game
A solid narrative world, with compelling hidden episodes
Exciting interactions with surprise characters! Don’t be surprised if they have unexpected reactions to you
Engaging dialogues that make you feel like you’re in the game
The fate of the protagonist depends on the choices you make
Multiple endings with combinations of your choices
Beautiful illustrations in colorful Live 2D motion graphics
A romance simulation with handsome characters

Recommend it!
If you enjoy romance, dating episode choice game
If you like Awesome BF
If you enjoy the games for women
If you want to play a variety of endings depending on your choices like a dating simulation
If you like free game, otome game, story game
If you make your own lovely relationship with a sexy boyfriend or girfriend.
If you like interactive game like Episode, Chapters and Maybe.
People who like games like Dangerous Fellows, Blood Kiss and Mystic Messenger
People who like visual novels, light novels, and text games

This female-oriented otome simulation game lets you experience a variety of seduction, love, and conflict as you become possessed as a noble lady in a romance fantasy game.

Experience different episodes for free, and discover hidden routes!
There are multiple storylines to choose from and a compelling cast of characters to explore.
Download this dating simulation game and find the love of your life.

Inquiry & Feedback

Abnormal State user reviews :

Enjoy the characters, especially the scene with Adrian. Though, the game is very dependant on hearts to make good choices. Please at least be a bit more generous so I can choose options without immediately heading to a bad end due to not wanting to waste my hearts. Is there a way to view extra scenes? I want to review the scene with Adrian, the butler.

Perfect good i love it seriously amazing

the game requires gems for every basic option which makes the gameplay difficult, otherwise the story is interesting with good art.

I don’t mind the ads thingy since it’s just a small price I’m willing to pay as F2P player. Although I’m just a bit sad that I couldn’t get the good ending for any of them. I got max of 92% for one of them and the best I can go to is the Normal ending. EDIT: I FINALLY GOT THE BEST ENDING FOR MY FAVE LOVE INTEREST.

  • congratulations! Get all the love!

Honestly, I like the game, the setting, the illustration, and specially the voice acting.. but there’s a little problem, they only give you certain amount of hearts I have to earn it to watch a lot of ads just so I could get a good intimacy level with the love interests. It was a hassle, I needed to restart the game over and over to know what I should do so I could get enough hearts but the timer is like an hour to wait to get new hearts rewards. It would be better if the rewards were higher.

It’s okay, bit annoying how you only start with 30 gems and then have to keep watching ads to gain more. And there are ad interruptions in the middle of an episode

To be honest, I love this so much. Like this is the 1st and only otome game that I actually finished (Just one of the love interest’s route tho, but still I got all of his endings/memorys lol) And the arts are majestic ps. I love Reinhardt so much

  • I also like him too It was such an honor to be with you.

The art and story were good, as long as I play there is no problem encountered

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