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Fitness BuddyFitness Buddy teaches you everything you need to know about exercising, workouts, and nutrition. Work out confidently and achieve the results you’ve always wanted

Gym & home workouts designed by experts

Delicious meal plans and recipes (Keto, Paleo, and more)

Most effective exercises for every muscle group

8-week training plans for all fitness goals
Be stronger. Be leaner. Be the best you



100+ gym workouts for all fitness goals (big chest, shredded abs, glutes, and more!)
Top rated workouts curated by fitness experts
8-week workout plans to guide you every step of the way
Custom workout feature to create your own


400+ exercises and animations
Step-by-step photos, videos, and instructions
Exercises for all equipment (barbell, dumbbell, machine, and more!)
Detailed muscle categorizations
Custom exercise feature to create your own

Meal Plans

8 meal plans to choose from (Muscle Building, Clean Eating, Keto, etc)
100+ delicious and easy-to-make recipes
Not sure what is best for you? Take the meal plan test!

Other features

Workout insights
Calorie Tracking
Bodyweight and body metrics tracker
Search and Favorite exercises
Comprehensive workout history
Heart Rate tracking

Featured on:

ESPN, Chicago Tribune, Gizmodo.

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Fitness Buddy user reviews :

Loved this app when I had it on my iPhone. Moved to s10+ and it’s terrible. Resets my training part way through a work out on two or three occasions, I can’t end my day’s session off at times, it automatically ticks everything off as done before I start etc. I’ve given up on it and I purchased a years membership and recommended it to others. So great if you have an iphone but terrible if you’re on s10+

Used to have free older version which I loved. Very unhappy with newer version. Navigation bar to select exercises is much more clustered in appearance thus harder to navigate. Can’t find certain exercises/equipment (ex: leg extensions, Roman chair)- perhaps only available on premium? There is now no graph/log to track your performance over time. When you do an exercise, there’s no way to see previous weights you’ve performed with (which was helpful for selecting new weight). Please improve.

Provided ideas for workouts as a beginner. Only negative is hard to use the timing function as you have to reset it each time – would be easier if the timer did 3 sets and 3 rest in one go. Also you have to record manually even if you used their timer (this could come up automatically as you doing an exceeded for that time). Not sure if these features are in the paid version. Also some of the descriptions are so long you can’t read them before the screen changes but this only happens with a few.

I keep coming back to this app every few years. And hate to leave a not so great review, because I do enjoy it. It has ALOT of exercises. It has so much potential, but also so many bugs. It’s mediocre when it comes to user friendliness. I keep thinking it must be better and pay for the premium version every few years. But get error messages, blank videos, information gets deleted, and always a struggle to make a workout. For a free app it’s great, premium would be worth it if bugs are fixed.

my friend has the iOS version and it’s alot better than the Android version. A lot of the exercises missing on the Android version, also when you start your work out can’t seem to be able to save rhe rest timer (i have to manually set it for every exercise), once you select a workout for example gym, intermediate variation 1, on the iOS if you click on the exercise itself it will show you the example but not on the Android version.

Good and bad.. The workout section of the app is 5*. It tailors a workout program for you based on the results you want, has a seemingly endless library of exercises for you to choose from with helpful videos, and great search filters.. The nutrition section is not good. Ive had issues with entering my calorie consumption for the last 2 days. It wouldn’t accept what I was trying to input, I uninstalled the app and tried again, it worked but deleted my workout. Same thing has happened today

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